This is why I take it seriously when my dog barks at ‘nothing’ | Video | Thought Catalog

Pets are always the first to know when something is up!

Source: This is why I take it seriously when my dog barks at ‘nothing’ | Video | Thought Catalog{ Click link to watch Video }

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What does it mean to be human?

by Eliot Rausch / 2 days ago

From an interview with Jean Vanier, founder of l’arche community. Footage repurposed from Marriotts recent “Golden Rule” campaign. Director: Eliot Rausch DOP: Mattias Rudh Production Company: Stink

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Evolution: The Human Odyssey

The complex story of human evolution is a tale seven million years in the making. Each new discovery adds to or revises our story and our understanding of how we came to be the way we are. In this eBook, Evolution: The Human Odyssey* we explore the evolution of those characteristics that make us human.   *Editor’s Note: Special Edition was published as The Story of Us. The eBook adaptation contains all of the articles, but some of the artwork has been removed to optimize viewing on tablet devices.  Scroll down for a full table of contents. You can now purchase eBooks directly from us! For any technical or other questions, please see eBook FAQ’s

Source: Evolution: The Human Odyssey  { link to Scientific America @ }

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