Our Countries are an ocean apart but we are connected in so many ways. Corrupted politicians and greed grow on both soils! #PeaceMarshall

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First of all, we need to understand how the British pension system works, how and why your various retirement pensions have decreased, and why it is that payment abroad, to pensioners in the European Union, is so erratic.

Being a JAM, – Just About Managing – means that you are currently receiving 20% less pension money  from this time last year, if you are paid directly from the UK via Citibank. This is because the rate of exchange between the British Pound and the Euro has crashed, exclusively due to Brexit, and mainly due to the ham fisted negotiations which are presently being held in Brussels. Very shortly, the pound will reach parity with the Euro, and right now, British change bureaus in the UK, are exchanging British currency into Euro’s, for less than one Pound.

According to certain glib of tongue British politico’s, this is very good for export…

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