The nine stages of getting trolled

I absolutely LMAO while reading Milly Schmidt’s article. I can relate to it more than the author knows. Thanks, Milly, I needed that! #PeaceMarshall

HOW TO REPORT INTERNET SCAMS: F.B.I.(link to article I posted)

The Cat's Write

There is something about the idea of ‘trolling’ that is just so innately relatable to cats. Perhaps it’s because cats take the power away from trolls, turning them into something infinitely more harmless.

To all the trolls out there, so long and thanks for all the fish!

1. Your latest post has gone live on your website, and you sit in a corner, cheeks shining with glee and satisfaction. But not because you think your post is marvellous (well of course it is) but you’re chuffed because you’ve just polished off an entire block of chocolate


2. Five seconds later you notice someone has left you a comment. Someone called ‘thug ducks’* is calling you a wannabe try hard and your entire blog bulls— and a piece of pooh


3. Initially you don’t understand how or why Winnie the Pooh was cut up into a million pieces. God, poor Pooh. Who would do…

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