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Something beyond imagination

Now a days we are seeing this new bournvita ad in which they compare the bournvita biscuits with vegetables like brinjal and Jackfruit.

In the advertisement they say that brinjal is healthy but it does not go with milk. This is totally rubbish because I have never seen anyone having raw brinjal with milk. Firstly we cook the vegetables and eat with paratha or chapati and with this combination we can take milk also in morning at the time of breakfast.

In another ad they compare bournvita biscuits with Jackfruit. In this ad they say that Jackfruit is healthy but we can not bring this in lunch to school. Oh God! This is insane.. how can we eat raw Jackfruit. I think that they don’t know that first you have to cook Jackfruit then you can eat this with paratha or roti.

Well on a serious note, breakfast and lunch…

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