North Korea threat prompts Japan evacuation preparations – Nikkei Asian Review

TOKYO — As tensions on the Korean Peninsula reach new heights with Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test, Japan is planning for a possible mass evacuation

Source: North Korea threat prompts Japan evacuation preparations – Nikkei Asian Review {Link to ASIAN REVIEW} 

It looks like S++T IS ABOUT TO HIT THE FAN!!!!          #PeaceMarshall


I am speechless. What a tremendous lesson about life. The River Walk delivered a sermon with out preaching. I can say that after reading this article I have been to church. #PeaceMarshall


Wisdom is more valuable than gold and crystal. It cannot be purchased with jewels mounted in fine gold. (Job 28:17) 

Read: Job 28:1-30:31, 2 Corinthians 2:12-17, Psalm 42:1-11, Proverbs 22:7 

Relate: What does an education cost these days? According to a recent study, the average cost for one year of tuition at an in state public university in America is $9,650. When you add in room and board ($10,440), books and supplies ($1,250), and other miscellaneous expenses like clothing and transportation ($3,270) an instate student is looking at paying at least $24,610 a year. The same education for those going to a public university not in their home state? That jumps up to $39,350. What about those going to a private university? Now we are looking at $49,320 a year. Of course, these are just the numbers for one year towards a four year undergraduate degree. You would have to…

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Happiness Is…

The Purple Almond #PeaceMarshall

The Purple Almond

I hail from the great state of South Dakota. If you are familiar with my blog, you’ll know that I have a second, very small blog about spirituality called My Walk in the Woods. Today’s prayer comes from that site.

Since things are a bit “messed up” in our world right now. I thought I would share some American Indian prayers. If you read my other blog, you’ll know that I lived on the Rosebud Indian Reservation for a while. I learned so much from these beautiful people. You can read about that HERE. The first prayer for today is The Great Spirit Prayer. This is a prayer to help you be strong, peaceful, respectful and compassionate with yourself, other people and the Earth.

the-great-spirit-prayer2.pngHappiness is...a water fight!.png

Many of us don’t feel very peaceful right now. Here is an American Indian prayer for healing. It’s a simple prayer, designed to help you…

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Citizen Tom makes a balanced and reasoned case which supports my position that tolerance is not a moral precept. Rather, it is a Peace Treaty or a form of surrender. I submit there are things worth dying for! #PeaceMarshall

Citizen Tom

Note the ropes and rings, which keep the thing from recoiling too far! (from here)

From time-to-time we will find ourselves disagreeing with people we respect. What is particularly funny is when both sides on a debate essentially agree but think of the other side as a loose cannon. Such is the charge insanitybytes22 levels in her post, “Nashville Statement Takes Evangelicals the Wrong Direction”, against the Nashville Statement.

What is the Nashville Statement? Well, here is the beginning of a statement that describes it.

CBMW Releases Coalition Statement on Biblical Sexuality

August 29, 2017

NASHVILLE – The Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood (CBMW) announced August 29th the release of The Nashville Statement, an evangelical coalition statement on biblical sexuality.

CBMW convened a meeting of evangelical leaders on August 25th that was hosted by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission during its…

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King Solomon, Cause of Houston Flood?

Some serious Food For Thought from Rudy Martinka. I will be thinking of nothing else until I choose! #PeaceMarshall

Charlie Hebdo Calls Texas Flood Victims ‘Neo-Nazis’ ” God Exists! He Drowned All The Neo-Nazis Of Texas” Link to a similar article I published

Rudy u Martinka

Which one is the real cause for the Houston Flood? Nature, Sin, King Solomon, or My Opinion?  You decide.

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The nine stages of getting trolled

I absolutely LMAO while reading Milly Schmidt’s article. I can relate to it more than the author knows. Thanks, Milly, I needed that! #PeaceMarshall

HOW TO REPORT INTERNET SCAMS: F.B.I.(link to article I posted)

Milly Schmidt

There is something about the idea of ‘trolling’ that is just so innately relatable to cats. Perhaps it’s because cats take the power away from trolls, turning them into something infinitely more harmless.

To all the trolls out there, so long and thanks for all the fish!

1. Your latest post has gone live on your website, and you sit in a corner, cheeks shining with glee and satisfaction. But not because you think your post is marvellous (well of course it is) but you’re chuffed because you’ve just polished off an entire block of chocolate


2. Five seconds later you notice someone has left you a comment. Someone called ‘thug ducks’* is calling you a wannabe try hard and your entire blog bulls— and a piece of pooh


3. Initially you don’t understand how or why Winnie the Pooh was cut up into a million pieces. God, poor Pooh. Who would do…

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What can we do?

Just what I needed at Just the right time! It never fails to amaze me how God sometimes uses other people to deliver a message to me when I would not listen directly to him whispering in my ear. Thank You, #PeaceMarshall


I praise God for what he has promised. I trust in God, so why should I be afraid? What can mere mortals do to me? (‭Psalms‬ ‭56‬:‭4‬ NLT)
David stated, “What can mere mortals do to me?” How much harm can people do to us? They can inflict pain, suffering, and death. But no person can rob us of our souls or our future beyond this life. How much harm can we do to ourselves? The worst thing we can do is to reject God and lose our eternal future. Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul” (Matthew 10:28). Instead, we should fear God, who controls this life and the next.( Tyndal Study Bible)
I have been criticised for preaching here. I would just like to say again that it’s God speaking through me. What’s more is that I am…

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Our Countries are an ocean apart but we are connected in so many ways. Corrupted politicians and greed grow on both soils! #PeaceMarshall

Patrick Brigham Live


First of all, we need to understand how the British pension system works, how and why your various retirement pensions have decreased, and why it is that payment abroad, to pensioners in the European Union, is so erratic.

Being a JAM, – Just About Managing – means that you are currently receiving 20% less pension money  from this time last year, if you are paid directly from the UK via Citibank. This is because the rate of exchange between the British Pound and the Euro has crashed, exclusively due to Brexit, and mainly due to the ham fisted negotiations which are presently being held in Brussels. Very shortly, the pound will reach parity with the Euro, and right now, British change bureaus in the UK, are exchanging British currency into Euro’s, for less than one Pound.

According to certain glib of tongue British politico’s, this is very good for export…

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Alfaz Zindagi ke #20

An excellent Blog on Karma and Life. #PeaceMarshall

Story of my life

Khudko pehchaniye….

*”एक कागज का टुकड़ा*

*गवर्नर के हस्ताक्षर से*

*नोट बन जाता है,*

*जिसे तोड़ने, मरोडने,*

*गंदा होने एवँ जज॔र होने से भी*

*उसकी कीमत कम नहीं होती…*

*आप भी ईश्वर के हस्ताक्षर है,*

*जब तक आप ना चाहे*

*आपकी कीमत कम* *नहीं*

*हो सकती,*

*आप अनमोल है ,*

*अपनी कीमत पहचानिये.*

– Ankur Chaudhari

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BournVita biscuits: Healthy but not as vegetables. “Wrong way to promote products.”

A wonderful Blog that just showed up at my door. I am glad that it did and think you will be also! Thanks to Shivangi Mishra via #PeaceMarshall

Something beyond imagination

Now a days we are seeing this new bournvita ad in which they compare the bournvita biscuits with vegetables like brinjal and Jackfruit.

In the advertisement they say that brinjal is healthy but it does not go with milk. This is totally rubbish because I have never seen anyone having raw brinjal with milk. Firstly we cook the vegetables and eat with paratha or chapati and with this combination we can take milk also in morning at the time of breakfast.

In another ad they compare bournvita biscuits with Jackfruit. In this ad they say that Jackfruit is healthy but we can not bring this in lunch to school. Oh God! This is insane.. how can we eat raw Jackfruit. I think that they don’t know that first you have to cook Jackfruit then you can eat this with paratha or roti.

Well on a serious note, breakfast and lunch…

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