The Book of Tobit-Ancient Storytelling from the Bible

Food for the soul from Silence Of Mind. #PeaceMarshall

Silence of Mind

Storytelling was how the ancients transmitted hard won wisdom and cultural values among themselves and down through the ages.

For example, the Iliad and the Odyssey attributed to the ancient bard Homer, tell about manhood, family values, honor, friendship, loyalty, the way of the warrior, weakness, strength, pride, rage and much more.

The Old Testament is a collection of ancient stories from Hebrew authors that tell about the nature of God, man and universe. These stories proved so powerfully true that down through the millennia, they became mankind’s gold standard for ethics, morals and how to live the best possible life.

The Book of Tobit provides great wisdom for Christian disciples in that it teaches the proper disposition for prayer in times of trouble. It teaches that marriage begins and functions through prayer. It teaches about courage and heartbreak and breakdown in the face of the grave troubles that beset people as…

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