What You Must Learn from White Supremacists

Citizen Tom

The Soldiers’ National Monument is at the center of “two semi-circular sections”[5] with 18 Union states’ areas, 1 U.S. Regulars area, and 3 areas for graves of the unknown. (from here) When I debate a Democrat Liberal about the riot in Charlottesville, VA the only thing that most of them want to talk about is how we must emphatically and unequivocally condemn the white supremacists and how awfully racist those Confederate Monuments are.  It puzzles me that anyone who wants peace would project such a vast of amount of judgemental hostility.

What You Must Learn from White Supremacists by John Branyan explains the problem, why adopting their methods won’t win them to our side.

Those freaking Nazis!

Those hood wearing, cross burning, hate spewing Nazis.

You can learn a lot from them.



I know.

But they are SINCERE racist…

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