Taking the p*ss out of young people vs ‘old’ people (1000 followers whaaat)

I am still laughing after reading this article from The Secret Blog Of A 30-Year-Old. I turn 60 next week and this article reminded me of how I felt when I reached each decade of my life. I think we all can. I have come from “Got my drivers license at 15” to “Never trust a fart” and “Have you ever had your ass beat by an old man boy” Thanks for the memories and the laugh! #PeaceMarshall


I recently wrote a blog post onReasons I know I’m getting old(er). Ihave to say the comment section is hilarious!!! Turns out there’s a lot of reasons we know we’re getting older and I’m laughing my socks off at all of your reasons!

This made me think at how much things change as you get older. When I was younger I would take the piss out of people my age, saying things like ‘omg what is she wearing she should dress her age’ or ‘look how drunk that woman is, hasn’t she got kids?!’ I would see ‘older’ people as different species almost, thinking they shouldn’t be doing the same things as me because they are ‘old’ and that they should act ‘old.’ When I was 16 if I met anyone older than me, they were cool, until they hit 25, then they were instantly tarred as…

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