It is a “Southern Thang”. I love the way southerngabunny writes. Like me, there is not a politicly correct bone in her body. ” There is not a more beautiful sound than the voice of an educated southern woman” – Sir Winston Churchill (His mommy was from Georga). Geaux Tigers! #PeaceMarshall

Southern Georgia Bunny


Have you ever made friends with a co worker? You make friends in the workplace because it’s easier to work together if you’re friendly. Sometimes you just hit it off. Then the friend that you made becomes more than a friend. You didn’t mean for it to happen! It was nature, those stupid pheromones.

Problems can happen… your mother told you not to mix business with pleasure. But there you are mixing a whole lot more than you should. Let’s take a break, which really means sex in the bathroom, or a utility closet. Shit happens!! Mom was right you shouldn’t be having sex in a utility closet. But damn, it was fun when you did it.

The description of the gentleman whom I was having sex with in interesting places is: 5’8, olive complexion, green eyes, ash hair, sharp dresser, with an artsy feel to him. My…

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