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Do Violent People Have Low Self-Esteem?

The outstanding 5-star article brought to us courtesy repsychl.co.uk.



It is a commonly held belief that low self-esteem triggers violent behaviour, the origin of which is unknown. Baumeister, Bushman and Campbell (2000) conducted a study investigating this view; the following article attempts to summarise the ideas stated in their paper, entitled ‘Self-esteem, narcissism, and aggression: Does violence result from low self-esteem or from threatened egotism?’.

People with low self-esteem are generally portrayed as risk averse, easily influenced and deficient in self-confidence. These characteristics are incongruous with aggression – even likely to dampen or inhibit it –  given that hostile behaviours are intrinsically risky.

Low self-esteem is correspondent to a lack of confidence in achievement, whereas aggression is typically executed with an expectation of overpowering another person.

Most pertinently, those harbouring low self-esteem are doubtful in their self-identity, whereas aggression is likely carried out to uphold high self-regard. Baumeister et al. point out,

“Violent men seem to have a strong…

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I was censored by Fakebook and my posts were being marked as spam. I was banned from posting to Conservative Groups. My Blog’s page unpublished and not visible in searches. Now my entire account has been deactivated! I am considered by Fakebook and accused of the following;

1. Racist

2. Race Baiter

3. Bullying

4. Minority Bashing

5. White Supremacist

6. Homophobic

7. Islamophobic

8. Religious Intolerance

9. Using Racial Epitaphs

I will be releasing full details of this entire episode as soon as I gather some additional information. I will write an article and spill the beans. Let the Church Of When Shit Hits The Fan say amen!

Here are a few links to some of my articles that were deleted.

‘They aren’t supposed to be here’: Father of boy killed by illegal immigrant backs Tump


Facebook’s Little Ethics Problem

Opinion | Yes, antifa is the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis. President was vindicated! 



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You’ve got to love yourself

” Be the type person that when your feet touch the floor in the morning the devil says, Aww s++t, they’re up” -Dewayne Johnson #PeaceMarshall

Cristian Mihai

“Your opinion of yourself becomes your reality. If you have all these doubts, then no one will believe in you, and everything will go wrong. If you think the opposite, the opposite will happen. It’s that simple. The higher your self-belief, the more your power to transform reality. Having supreme confidence makes you fearless and persistent, allowing you to overcome obstacles that stop most people in their tracks.” – Robert Greene

Do you know this cliche that the world acts as a mirror? We see what we want to see; what we expect to happen becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and will inevitably happen?

Well, it’s true.

If you don’t love yourself, why should anyone else? If you don’t trust yourself, how can you expect others to trust you? Relying on external validation never lasts.

But you know what lasts?

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The Sound of a Piece of Writing

A new Blog I think you might like. I do! #PeaceMarshall


Writing is an act of expressing something using our hands not involving speaking verbally. We always write. To make lists, reports, lessons, diaries, letters, and notes. Some are good in writing in a way that they can have an eloquent explanation on things. But there is no hindrance in writing because even blind people can learn how to write in a different way. Some are gifted in writing but it doesn’t mean that we couldn’t write. Writing is our voice if we can’t speak it all out. Deaf people use sign language as their voice. People with disabilities use their other body parts to express themselves. What can it be more grateful to those who have a complete arms and legs? May it be good writer or not, writing is for everyone to exercise freedom of expressing their own emotions. We all have our own voices to show up not…

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Taking the p*ss out of young people vs ‘old’ people (1000 followers whaaat)

I am still laughing after reading this article from The Secret Blog Of A 30-Year-Old. I turn 60 next week and this article reminded me of how I felt when I reached each decade of my life. I think we all can. I have come from “Got my drivers license at 15” to “Never trust a fart” and “Have you ever had your ass beat by an old man boy” Thanks for the memories and the laugh! #PeaceMarshall


I recently wrote a blog post onReasons I know I’m getting old(er). Ihave to say the comment section is hilarious!!! Turns out there’s a lot of reasons we know we’re getting older and I’m laughing my socks off at all of your reasons!

This made me think at how much things change as you get older. When I was younger I would take the piss out of people my age, saying things like ‘omg what is she wearing she should dress her age’ or ‘look how drunk that woman is, hasn’t she got kids?!’ I would see ‘older’ people as different species almost, thinking they shouldn’t be doing the same things as me because they are ‘old’ and that they should act ‘old.’ When I was 16 if I met anyone older than me, they were cool, until they hit 25, then they were instantly tarred as…

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‘They aren’t supposed to be here’: Father of boy killed by illegal immigrant backs Trump

Jamiel Shaw recalled seeing his son, Jamiel Shaw Jr., lying dead in the streets where he used to play. Just a few doors from his Los Angeles home, the younger Shaw was gunned down, execution-style in March 2008 – the victim of one of the “invisible people.”

Source: ‘They aren’t supposed to be here’: Father of boy killed by illegal immigrant backs Trump{Link

What You Must Learn from White Supremacists

Citizen Tom

The Soldiers’ National Monument is at the center of “two semi-circular sections”[5] with 18 Union states’ areas, 1 U.S. Regulars area, and 3 areas for graves of the unknown. (from here) When I debate a Democrat Liberal about the riot in Charlottesville, VA the only thing that most of them want to talk about is how we must emphatically and unequivocally condemn the white supremacists and how awfully racist those Confederate Monuments are.  It puzzles me that anyone who wants peace would project such a vast of amount of judgemental hostility.

What You Must Learn from White Supremacists by John Branyan explains the problem, why adopting their methods won’t win them to our side.

Those freaking Nazis!

Those hood wearing, cross burning, hate spewing Nazis.

You can learn a lot from them.



I know.

But they are SINCERE racist…

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Facebook’s Little Ethics Problem

Facebook has been aiding abusers of human-rights — such as China, Turkey, Russia and Pakistan — to curb the freedom of expression of their people. “On the same day that we filed the report, the ‘Stop Palestinians’ page that incited against Palestinians

Source: Facebook’s Little Ethics Problem{link}


Facebook Has Removed My Posts And Banned Me From Groups. My Blogs Facebook Page Is No Longer Published And Not Discoverable ! Marshall w Thompson, Sr{link}



Why Every Traveller Needs Packing Cubes

This is a wonderful FYI! Thanks for the “Heads-Up” azureskyfollos.com.

Azure Sky Follows

From the year 2014 I have been reading about the wonders of packing cubes. In every list of ‘things that travellers must own’ there was a mention of these packing cubes. Backpackers, suitcase travellers and even travellers like my husband who can literally survive on nothing raved about this. I always wanted to own a set for myself and see the difference it brings upon my travels. I found my one-stop-shop at Bagail.com.

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Opinion | Yes, antifa is the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis. President was vindicated! 

‘Anti-fascists,’ like neo-Nazis, are adherents of an ideology that cost millions of lives.

Source: Opinion | Yes, antifa is the moral equivalent of neo-Nazis{link}

The Washington Post (Shock) in an OP-Ed article proved Pres. Trump was right when he said both sides were at fault in the violence at the recent event. Antifa’s playbook is straight out of “The Black Book Of Communism”

FBI during the Obama adm. labeled “Antifa Domestic Terrorism”{link}


Can I Get A Wet Nose?

It is a “Southern Thang”. I love the way southerngabunny writes. Like me, there is not a politicly correct bone in her body. ” There is not a more beautiful sound than the voice of an educated southern woman” – Sir Winston Churchill (His mommy was from Georga). Geaux Tigers! #PeaceMarshall

Southern Georgia Bunny


Have you ever made friends with a co worker? You make friends in the workplace because it’s easier to work together if you’re friendly. Sometimes you just hit it off. Then the friend that you made becomes more than a friend. You didn’t mean for it to happen! It was nature, those stupid pheromones.

Problems can happen… your mother told you not to mix business with pleasure. But there you are mixing a whole lot more than you should. Let’s take a break, which really means sex in the bathroom, or a utility closet. Shit happens!! Mom was right you shouldn’t be having sex in a utility closet. But damn, it was fun when you did it.

The description of the gentleman whom I was having sex with in interesting places is: 5’8, olive complexion, green eyes, ash hair, sharp dresser, with an artsy feel to him. My…

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