Charlie Hebdo Calls Texas Flood Victims ‘Neo-Nazis’ ” God Exists! He Drowned All The Neo-Nazis Of Texas”

Source: Charlie Hebdo Calls Texas Flood Victims ‘Neo-Nazis’ Via @dailycaller{link}

Sick Twisted Bastard! I was in New Orleans when Katrina came to town. The site of dead humans floating down a street is burned into my brain. Did God drown them Mr. Hebo or was it a corrupt Mayor who provided them with no way to evacuate? By the way, his honor is in Federal Prison for taking bribes.



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Cristian Mihai hit the nail on the head with this one! #PeaceMarshall

Cristian Mihai

First of all, I’ll let you in on a little secret: my first blog died a premature death, after only one month of life, five followers and absolutely no comments whatsoever.

Why is this important?

Well, maybe because the focus is not to be put on numbers.

Put too much emphasis on numbers, and you won’t have such a nice time blogging.

You kind of miss the point.

What’s the point, you ask?

Behind those numbers, there are people. Crazy, huh? Actual people, who actually read your stuff, who actually take the time to like or comment on your stuff. You wants thousands upon thousands of people who do that?

For what?

Ask yourself that.

Why is it so important to reach a thousand people? Why is it more important than reaching a hundred? Or just ten?

This numbers game is just that. A game. A rat race.


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Peace of mind.   Clean the plate and set yourself free.   “I think the first step is to understand that forgiveness does not exonerate the perpetrator. Forgiveness liberates the victim. It’s a gift you give yourself.” – T. D. Jakes Forgive and set yourself free.   The past is the past.   Don’t let…

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Why is the U.S. full of stupid people?

Like I have said time and time again “There is no cure for Stupid,” I wrote an article and submitted that being stupid is a lifestyle people chose and is their occupation. That is how the hillbilly’s in my family roll! #PeaceMarshall






Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


And she didn’t see what the problem was.  SMH in disgust.

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The Importance of Winding Down Before Sleep

I have a form of PTSD that can only result from this list. 1. physical Injury that is life threatening, disability results, chronic pain syndromes, and life altering. PTSD can not be cured or controlled. Not much medical or pharmaceutical will give aid. In fact, they often do more harm. Cognitive self-help is the only way to manage PTSD. I use the methods in Dr. Ashworth’s article and will endorse them 100%. Find what works for you. This Blog is a good place to start! #PeaceMarshall

Damon Ashworth Psychology

The fifth variable that I will be manipulating across a two week period to examine its impact on sleep is the importance of giving ourselves time to relax and wind down before sleep. 

I will discuss what my data shows, how easy or difficult I found this strategy to implement, and what previous research says. These three factors will be combined for an overall score and grade on how effective winding down and relaxing before bedtime is at helping people to improve their sleep.

edmundas-stundzius-180778.jpgHow much time do you take each day to do nothing? To simply be, rather than always having to do something? To put your feet up and just relax?

For me, the answer is a lot more than I used to. I remember back when I was completing my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, I would finish up my day of placement at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and walk through…

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How Social Media Stifles Free Speech

Even more problematic is that those platforms are free to delete the pages and posts of users they deem to have violated whatever they decide are “community standards.” This includes judging content supportive of, for example, restricting migration in

Source: How Social Media Stifles Free Speech{link}

Facebook is doing this to me! I have a page for my Blog like many Bloggers do and I share to my Groups from that page. I have become what I expose in their eyes. I am white and a conservative from a state Trump won (Louisiana) which makes me juicy meat.


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