Why Is It Always Difficult To Be Born Again In Nigeria? 

A very inspiring and well-written Blog I will be keeping my eye on.
https://dattaragurl.wordpress.com #PeaceMarshall

Sugar nd' Spice

A very short story… Why is it always difficult to be born again in Nigeria? I have lost count the number of times I gave my life to Christ. The Devil keeps coming after me.

I went to Adoration Ministry on friday night and gave my life to Christ and surrendered all to him totally. I have been in that holy and righteous spirit until this morning.

On my way back from church, rushing to go to the market, the traffic light had just turned YELLOW as I crossed. This police car just pulled up in front of me as if I were a wanted drug lord. My heart skipped and shrieked a bit and sent my adrenaline pumping faster.

One of the officers said that I “beat traffic”. I told him the light was yellow when I crossed. He said that yellow means that I should wait, I should…

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