I dedicated a book to my son “The Sh*t My Dad Has Said” and also apologized to him! I sometimes have no verbal filter socially and zero when I write or encounter things I have no tolerances for. #PeaceMarshall

Sugar nd' Spice

You think your mum makes life hard for you?

I was doing my makeup and my mum came into the room, she took one look at me, shook her head, and with a straight face, mouthed the word ‘masquerade‘ as she left. I was too shocked to be offended, I called bestie instead and told him about it, to which he replied “hmmm, now I see where you get your mouth from, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree“.

My mum can be very sarcastic and hilarious, I don’t know how she does it (or why), but she’s said some shit over the years that has made my sisters and I laugh till we peed on ourselves. Of course, we are always at the receiving end of her savageness.

I made a list of my favourites of some of the stuffs she’s said. List (below)…

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