Superbly written and thought out the article on Fear by my friend @ This author never disappoints! #PeaceMarshall


Fear, how we despise it so deeply, yet somehow the little bug never fades away. Like an invisible cockroach whispering ideas into your head. Do I have fears? Do you? Sure, we all do. Yet I know for a fact that together we can work to push it away, and turn that F.E.A.R into enjoyment. Fear can be… enjoyable? Just you wait and see, my friends!

What Forms F.E.A.R?

What if I let them down? What if I become poor? What if- Failure, I feel many of us find this as a big encouragement in fear. Some even fear failure in itself. That is okay! Have you ever heard of a Commitment Contract? It’s where you give yourself an imposing thread (donating to a company you despise, having to post embarrassing photos, etc.) in order to keep yourself motivated. In the beginning, the sense of failure is negative, keeping 

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