Use these extensions & plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Edge to identify Fake News websites & block fake news – BS Detectors, Fake News Alert, Fakeblok, FIB, etc.

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Spot, Identify and block Fake News websites with extensions and plugins for browsers, i.e Chrome, Firefox and Edge, Technology has caught up to this Internet cancer with a cure called BS DETECTORS. I have the Chrome extension and was shocked to find many of my favorite sites were actually “Enquiring Minds Want To Know”  I will eat crow and confess some were “We Report. You Decide”  and were both Conservative & “The Clinton News Network” each with its.  own agenda  #PeaceMarshall

One thought on “Spot Fake News sites: Fake news blocker browser extensions & plugins

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    Follow-Up: I downloaded the secure browser for my Dell running Windows 10 suggested by CNET, a cousin who designs anti-hacking software for Uncle Sam and my new found friends at Best Buy “The Geek Squad” It is called Opera. The best all around browser I have ever used!! Free



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