An very good example of a “Non-Politicaly Correct” stye of writing! In the end, get’n straight to the point works out best for all concerned. A good FYI ! My thanks to this Blog. #PeaceMarshall

Proposals, Secret Wedding, Evil Ex's and Step Children

If you read & then the shit hits the fan, you’ll have read that I sent Daughter number one – we’ll call her Dolores a message on WhatsApp.

That kind of escalated to a whole new level.

I have no defence, except that sometimes getting things off your chest is a good thing and after a few drinks ones sensibility tends to wane and ones thoughts of oh fuck it lets do it do get stronger.

So I did, I started off nice, said come on, there are two sides to any story, your Dad is not the monster your Mum has made him about to be, no matter what he loves you, you are his daughter….. And then after a particularly nasty I hate you, I’ve always hated you, this is all your fault, you ruined it for my parents message I kind of snapped, more spewed really and…

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