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Lately, I’ve been seeing an endless amount of posts and articles online that defend feminism. These posts highlight the common misconceptions regarding the movement and explain the reasons behind it and its motivations. A lot of these posts have gone viral, but still, the misconceptions still exist. People choose to look only at the way others…

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Take the first step in faith. We don’t need to see the whole staircase; we just need to take the first step. –Martin Luther King Jr

” I submit that if a man never finds something worth dying for he was never fit to live ” – MLK                                                                                                                      #PeaceMarshall

The Purple Almond

Sometimes, if you’re like me, we get scared of following our dreams because we don’t know exactly how it’s going to happen. As Dr. King says, have faith. Take the first step and work the rest out along the way.

Have a great day everyone!


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A wonderful Blog that fell into my lap. Stylish and well written. #PeaceMarshall

The words untrammelled..

Many days have passed. He is still the same. Standing on the shore. The waves of time are taking away the sand underneath his feet. His broken heart is lying around his feet in pieces. Neither the waves of time nor his own feet have let them get carried away with time. He is till holding them back. They itch him, they bleed him but still stay so close. Even his tears don’t  flow away with the waves of water sent by the time. He is still waiting  for her.

Copyright 2017 Chitkala Aditosh (Chitkala Mulye)

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Shit My Mum Has Said 

I dedicated a book to my son “The Sh*t My Dad Has Said” and also apologized to him! I sometimes have no verbal filter socially and zero when I write or encounter things I have no tolerances for. #PeaceMarshall

Sugar nd' Spice

You think your mum makes life hard for you?

I was doing my makeup and my mum came into the room, she took one look at me, shook her head, and with a straight face, mouthed the word ‘masquerade‘ as she left. I was too shocked to be offended, I called bestie instead and told him about it, to which he replied “hmmm, now I see where you get your mouth from, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree“.

My mum can be very sarcastic and hilarious, I don’t know how she does it (or why), but she’s said some shit over the years that has made my sisters and I laugh till we peed on ourselves. Of course, we are always at the receiving end of her savageness.

I made a list of my favourites of some of the stuffs she’s said. List (below)…

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For a smart guy, I’m actually pretty dumb at times: PART TWO

This author and I must share the same genetic DNA. Hillarious! I recommend this Blog. I am an Immodium abuse counselor
I am full of Shit and suffer verbal leekage.


dumb yoda meme

Most people look back at something lthey’ve written five years ago and think about how they’ve grown and matured, but I look back at this and think: I haven’t learned one damn thing! I’m still the same stupid ass I always was, if not worse because I’m now older and more set in my ways. The one thing I do know for sure is that I still always think people are kidding with me and it still gets me into trouble every time.


One would think after the countless times that I’ve embarrassed myself that I’d have learned a lesson or two, but the only thing I’ve learned is that of the senses I have – common sense isn’t one of them.

psycho - paths

One day at work, my boss ambled in to our morning meeting looking scattered and disheveled as usual, so I didn’t think anything of it. He looked up…

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Why Is It Always Difficult To Be Born Again In Nigeria? 

A very inspiring and well-written Blog I will be keeping my eye on.
https://dattaragurl.wordpress.com #PeaceMarshall

Sugar nd' Spice

A very short story… Why is it always difficult to be born again in Nigeria? I have lost count the number of times I gave my life to Christ. The Devil keeps coming after me.

I went to Adoration Ministry on friday night and gave my life to Christ and surrendered all to him totally. I have been in that holy and righteous spirit until this morning.

On my way back from church, rushing to go to the market, the traffic light had just turned YELLOW as I crossed. This police car just pulled up in front of me as if I were a wanted drug lord. My heart skipped and shrieked a bit and sent my adrenaline pumping faster.

One of the officers said that I “beat traffic”. I told him the light was yellow when I crossed. He said that yellow means that I should wait, I should…

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Medical Science


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America’s First Addiction Epidemic



Christopher Finan| Drunks: An American History | Beacon Press | June 2017 | 28 minutes (7,526 words) 

The following is an excerpt from Drunks, by Christopher Finan. This story is recommended by Longreads contributing editor Dana Snitzky.

* * *

The men full of strong drink have trodden in the fireplaces.

In spring of 1799, Handsome Lake, a Native American, joined members of his hunting party in making the long journey from western Pennsylvania to their home in New York. Handsome Lake was a member of the Seneca Nation, one of the six nations in the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Confederacy). He had once been renowned for his fighting skill. But the Iroquois had been stripped of almost all their lands after the American Revolution. Now fifty years old, Handsome Lake, too, was a shadow of what he had been. He would later say that heavy drinking had…

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In Our Cynical Age, No One Fails Anymore — Everybody ‘Pivots’


From Silicon Valley to the White House, changing your narrative is as easy as announcing your intention to do so.

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The surge in overdose deaths is what Sessions called “the top lethal issue” in the U.S., and said prevention is the way to fight the nation’s drug crisis.

Source: Jeff Sessions CALLS OUT Hollywood Elites’ Drug Problem; HUGE Clean-Up Actions Expected{link} 

Sessions yell’s “BULLSHIT” to Hollywood celebrities, Media elites, and Government for sending messages about drug use that is killing Americans. Warns then to Clean-Up their act or feel the heat! Treatment has not been the only answer. Prevention is!



photo 174374366291199

Smashing through F.E.A.R

Superbly written and thought out the article on Fear by my friend @https://xpnuggets.com. This author never disappoints! #PeaceMarshall


Fear, how we despise it so deeply, yet somehow the little bug never fades away. Like an invisible cockroach whispering ideas into your head. Do I have fears? Do you? Sure, we all do. Yet I know for a fact that together we can work to push it away, and turn that F.E.A.R into enjoyment. Fear can be… enjoyable? Just you wait and see, my friends!

What Forms F.E.A.R?

What if I let them down? What if I become poor? What if- Failure, I feel many of us find this as a big encouragement in fear. Some even fear failure in itself. That is okay! Have you ever heard of a Commitment Contract? It’s where you give yourself an imposing thread (donating to a company you despise, having to post embarrassing photos, etc.) in order to keep yourself motivated. In the beginning, the sense of failure is negative, keeping 

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Source: Risky rhino horn auction | Kenya’s fake news problem[link]

Making the fake look real. A push to control poaching actually was promoting it. Fake News wears many diabolical masks world wide.

This dates back to the father of Fake News William Randolf Hurst (Paty’s Grandfather) and his motto “People will believe what I tell them too” Made famous during his reporting of the sinking of the USS Maine and the Rough Riders which he wrote his dispatches sitting under a tent drinking wine and smoking Cuban cigars while being attended to by traveling female advisers . He never saw a battle or heard a gun shot. Another side note is that he is the reason hemp is illegal. Refer Madness was brilliant Fake News. Drop me a note if you want to hear that story!    #PeaceMarshall

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Way back in 1924, F. Scott Fitzgerald figured out something very shrewd about right-wingers. He discovered, and described, an. . .

Follow-Up: I downloaded the secure browser for my Dell running Windows 10 suggested by CNET, a cousin who designs anti-hacking software for Uncle Sam and my new found friends at Best Buy “The Geek Squad” It is called Opera. The best all around browser I have ever used!! Free


Use these extensions & plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Edge to identify Fake News websites & block fake news – BS Detectors, Fake News Alert, Fakeblok, FIB, etc.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.thewindowsclub.com

Spot, Identify and block Fake News websites with extensions and plugins for browsers, i.e Chrome, Firefox and Edge, Technology has caught up to this Internet cancer with a cure called BS DETECTORS. I have the Chrome extension and was shocked to find many of my favorite sites were actually “Enquiring Minds Want To Know”  I will eat crow and confess some were “We Report. You Decide”  and were both Conservative & “The Clinton News Network” each with its.  own agenda  #PeaceMarshall

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Celebrating 900!!

My friend and one of my favorite Authors, Didi Oviatt. https://didioviatt.wordpress.com YOU GO GIRL!!! #PeaceMarshall

Didi Oviatt

Wow, what a year its been!  The milestones are popping up left and right, and I’m so completely beside myself! Over the weekend I hit the 900 followers milestone!!


I can’t even tell everyone how excited I am about this. I also can’t say THANK YOU enough!! I love all the bloggers on WordPress!!  I spend hours a day here, and I can honestly say that some of the writing is GENIOUS!

Again, just thank you for following me and reading all my stuff!  I’m overflowing with gratitude today!


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The following abundance prayers for prosperity will help you if you feel the need to connect deeper to the love and the wisdom of God to assist and guide you in your need to increase abundance and prosperity in your life. The universe is very abundant, the lack is only in your eyes and in your…

Source: Hey! Have You Seen This Powerful and Effective Abundance Prayer? – BayArt 

Jamiel Shaw recalled seeing his son, Jamiel Shaw Jr., lying dead in the streets where he used to play. Just a few doors from his Los Angeles home, the younger Shaw was gunned down, execution-style in March 2008 – the victim of one of the “invisible people.”

Source: ‘They aren’t supposed to be here’: Father of boy killed by illegal immigrant backs Trump

” A lot of people don’t do well is simply because they major in minor things” -John Roh
The more successful you become, the less you can justify the low quality. The more focused you must become. The more consistently your daily behaviors must be high quality — and increasingly higher qua…

Source: Why Most People Will Never Be Successful {link}

Finding The True Meaning Of Success!!            #PeaceMarshall


Alfaz Zindagi ke #15


Story of my life

True lines…..

वाह रे मानव तेरा स्वभाव….

  • ।। लाश को हाथ लगाता है तो नहाता है …

पर बेजुबान जीव को मार के खाता है ।।

  • यह मंदिर-मस्ज़िद भी क्या गजब की जगह है दोस्तो.

जंहा गरीब बाहर और अमीर अंदर ‘भीख’ मांगता है..

😔विचित्र दुनिया का कठोर सत्य..👌👌

  • बारात मे दुल्हे सबसे पीछे

और दुनिया आगे चलती है,

मय्यत मे जनाजा आगे

और दुनिया पीछे चलती है..

यानि दुनिया खुशी मे आगे

और दुख मे पीछे हो जाती है..

  • मोमबत्ती जलाकर मुर्दों को याद करना

और मोमबत्ती बुझाकर जन्मदिन मनाना…

  • उम्र भर उठाया बोझ उस कील ने …

और लोग तारीफ़ तस्वीर की करते रहे .

  • पायल हज़ारो रूपये में आती है, पर पैरो में पहनी जाती है


बिंदी 1 रूपये में आती है मगर माथे पर सजाई जाती है

इसलिए कीमत मायने नहीं रखती उसका कृत्य मायने रखता हैं.

  • एक किताबघर में पड़ी गीता और कुरान आपस…

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The Renegade Press

In August 2016, a woman broke my heart. After two years of dating, during which time I convinced myself that she was the person I was destined to marry, she left me. To say that I was devastated would be an understatement. I was inconsolable, believing that my entire world had come crashing down around me. In the months that followed our failed romance, I lost my desire to write, to eat, and even to live.

Yet for all that I temporarily lost, I also learned…

I learned how to let go of the anger and depression that had consumed me, how to pick myself back up when life had knocked me down, and how to appreciate the true beauty of human compassion. But arguably the most important thing that I came to understand in my lowest moments was what it means to truly love someone. Twelve months ago I…

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The venerable game show host, fed up with fake news — and purveyors of fake news — took to social media to express his disgust with one snarky tweet.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.allenbwest.com

Pat Sajak host of the long running TV game show and the ageless Vana White’s drinking buddy sums up fake news and the publics ” I would rather watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians or OJ Simpson Jumping Suit Cases ” disgust with fake news. In a play off of The Brady Bunch, “Russia Russia Russia” I term it!     #PeaceMarshall

Use these extensions & plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Edge to identify Fake News websites & block fake news – BS Detectors, Fake News Alert, Fakeblok, FIB, etc.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.thewindowsclub.com

Spot, Identify and block Fake News websites with extensions and plugins for browsers, i.e Chrome, Firefox and Edge, Technology has caught up to this Internet cancer with a cure called BS DETECTORS. I have the Chrome extension and was shocked to find many of my favorite sites were actually “Enquiring Minds Want To Know”  I will eat crow and confess some were “We Report. You Decide”  and were both Conservative & “The Clinton News Network” each with its.  own agenda  #PeaceMarshall

Why give it a go?

Another “NUGGET” from my friend XP NUGGETS


Have you ever thought of trying something new and you hesitated? Maybe you thought to yourself…Me do that? No way! That won’t work.

There’s something to be said about taking a vision & giving it everything you got. You may not accomplish what you set out to, or the end result isn’t what you expected. But at the end of it all, there’s something special in the process. A different kind of sensation. The simple act of giving it your all & not giving up until the very end. It’s special. It brings you to a serene state of mind, a calming effect. Knowing that you clocked in 110% allows you to hang your hat with pride. Be proud of yourself. Think of it like this “Hey you know what, I gave it a go.” If you give it a go. Many, Many doors will open for you.

A friend came…

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LEAKS! WASH POST obtains FULL transcripts of president’s confidential talks with Mexico and Australia… Developing… from the blog Drudge Report Feed

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Welcome, I prove Newton’s third law of Motion correct. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If something enters my mind it comes out of my mouth! from the blog Posts by MARSHALL THOMPSON

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photo 178324429229526


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> Combating Liberals, Politics

Best Obama gets it.

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> Fake News, Liberal News Bias

Graham’s Deranged Desire to Start a War with North Korea

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> Combating Liberals,Politics

Daily Caller EXCLUSIVE: How Hillary Clinton attempted to bully tiny Bangladesh to force it to end a corruption investigation of Mohammad Yunus, a long-time Clinton family friend and Clinton Foundation donor

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The product that got me labeled as “The Cool Mom”

bookstoreownersdaughter.blog “Rocks” #PeaceMarshall

Daughter of a bookstore Owner

I find myself falling more and more with Amazon Prime as every day goes by.

As a busy mom who works full time, I need to make things as easy as possible.

I found my mom cheat. It could not be any easier.

It took a friend of mine choosing to try thing for the music section alone for me to even notice that this was a real thing. Not only was it a real thing, but it had multiple different things that make it well worth the cost of the membership.

So like I said she started with the music option of Amazon Prime. She fell in love pretty quick and was so sold on the ability to find songs that she wanted that she instantly started recommending that I try it.

So here I go looking into this and instead I find myself completely drawn to the free…

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Five Minimalist Life Hacks

This is a Blog that I am going to start keeping my eye on. It smells like something good! asmallwardrobe.com

30 items of clothing, 8 pairs of shoes, 2 bags

There are many new habits that I have started since I began minimising my life a year and a half ago. Today, I want to share the easiest ways I’ve found to declutter and downsize my belongings. In the minimalist tradition, I shall keep things simple.

Here are five life hacks that will help you simplify and declutter your life.

  1. Organise things in categories. We all have a lot of stuff, even if we are in the process of minimising. Storing things in categories is a basic organizational tool to keep you on top of your belongings. Not only does this make it easy to find them, but it also means you can see how many of those things you have. When you place all your black shoes together, you might find that you have a couple pairs too many.

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Click on the links below and note a couple of sites listed that are to be careful visiting or having accounts with!!



1. G+ Communities-Groups

2. Yahoo

3. tumblar

4. Web Apps

5. Sign Up For Free

6. E-mail

7. Friends Requests

FYI: Shop online with a prepaid debit or gift card not connected to your bank account. Most Banking Institutions can assist you. Also, sign up for text alerts for your personal Bank account.


If you Want to be happy all the time in life? Must read the secret of happy life .

An interesting article posted by my new friend ANKURCHAUDHARI on how happiness and unhappiness are connected to Karma. A topic I have written about numerous times. In the Christian faith, we call Karmatic Principles by the Hebrew interpretation know as “The Law of Reciprocity” Basically the same thing, i.e you get what you deserve or as Jesus put it “Do unto others…” #PeaceMarshall

Story of my life

Hello, friend’s

Today we talk about our own life. Every humans want to be happy all the time in thair life . Not to surprise it is our by default nature. Life is so hard live wefeel so many times in our life . But we don’t think every that , Why life is so hard to life . Why it is so difficult for everyone. And why do we have to suffer.Whereas we just wanted happiness. Why ? Why it’s happening with every one ? Let’s think about it .

For understand Secret of happy life . We have to understand what is life .

In my opinion life is a reflection of our KARMA . It means our KARMA decide our future . Indian scripture is clearly and loudly teach use KARMA. They are said thatKARMA SE BADA KHUCH BHI NAHI KARMA HI SAAB KUCH HE .

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Don’t rely on sources – follow the evidence

Reminds me of what Ronald Regan said to Jimmy Carter during one of their debates. “You are intitled to your own opion but not your own facts” #PeaceMarshall

Open Parachute

CNN pushes this mantra but many believe they promote fake news

When scientists evaluate published research we are more interested in evidence than in conclusions. In fact, the same evidence may lead scientific readers to different conclusions. That’s not surprising as in the real world no research project is able to consider all the theoretically possible evidence. Readers may, in fact, have other evidence. Or they may detect faults in authors’ interpretations.

I think this is a good thing. Considering the evidence allows competent critiques to be made and encourages knowledge to advance.

However, it annoys me that when we move outside the scientific environment we have to deal with situations where evidence may rarely be considered. People indulge in debating conclusions often with no regard to evidence. In fact, debaters seem to rely more on the real or perceived authority of their sources to support or discredit an argument, than on the evidence.

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“WORDS TO LIVE BY” Another amazing post from one of my TOP 5 favorite Blogs that I follow, therenegadepress.com a fellow Spirit of the Wolf! #PeaceMarshall

The Renegade Press

A wise man once said that patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. I always believed that I understood what he meant. I thought that he spoke of suffering; that one must sacrifice so that he may eventually prosper. I told myself that I wanted to be a writer, and that the yearning in my chest was the pain I had to endure in order to succeed. Because of this, I spent years fighting against a loneliness so encompassing that I could feel it in my bones. Then I met you. And I realised that I was wrong. It took my twenty-eight years to understand that the hole in my chest was the bitterness of waiting to meet someone who could take my breath away; and that there is no fruit as sweet as falling for a woman as beautiful as you.

It started with a photograph. Until then…

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photo.jpg Marshall Thompson has shared a video with you on YouTube
Lone Wolf – Motivational Video For All Those Fighting Battles Alone
by Team Fearless
The hardest walk you can make is the walk you make alone, but that is the walk that makes you the strongest. That is the walk that builds your character the most.

LONE WOLF – Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation
DOWNLOAD or STREAM the track to any device, WORLDWIDE!
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An very good example of a “Non-Politicaly Correct” stye of writing! In the end, get’n straight to the point works out best for all concerned. A good FYI ! My thanks to this Blog. #PeaceMarshall

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