America’s Broken Democracy — Eideard “BULLSHIT” Combating Liberals!

America’s Broken Democracy

via America’s Broken Democracy  (link)

I am calling “BULLSHIT” on this article America’s Broken Democracy by Eideard. He asserts that Trump is a Narcissist and his incoherent ramblings are something only Kings and Dictators have in common, not POTUS. The Paris Accord and Trump’s decisions on Immigration and Executive Directives have transformed America into a Dictatorship. More Fake News and “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is speeding down a hill like a “SnowFlafe” headed for Hell. Soon, the Dummycrats and Heil Obamas will develop a diagnosable full out “Chicken Little Personality Disorder”- similar to a Sociopath or Anti-Social. The only Narcissists are the Main Stream Media, Late Night TV hosts, and Hollywood. By the way, true narcissism’s have “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”, look it up. The main thing is that the USA has never been a Democracy we are a Republic that practices a democratic form of government. Do you like apples? If you do, how did you like them apples?


To my haters and the haters of the 1st & 2nd Amendments, I would like to introduce my businesses partners Mr. Smith and Mr. Wession.

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