I need to report an up-date to this post. I am being given information from sources all across the country, who asked to be unnamed (hint hint), that a new mental health crisis is running wild from coast to coast. The United Nations WHO states that a new mental disorder known a ” TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME ” has developed and there is no hope for the poor souls with it. That is what happens when all reality leaves you and are under threat from being stuck by Death Rays from Mars. The stress can cause people to break out in High School football chats on the floor of Congress! I will keep you up-dated as this story unfolds, #PeaceMarshall Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me !!


Combating Liberalism in America


” Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining ” – Marshall  { It’s a Southern thang }  #PeaceMarshall

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In December and January, Tree Services surveyed 250 arborists and tree care company owners on the state of the industry, including questions about safety, overcoming various challenges, budgeting, eq

Source: Outlook for 2017: State of the Industry Survey Results {link}


The Face That Runs The Place -Marshall Thompson
T C B Taking Care Of BEES NEES ( It’s a “Southern Thang”)

This post is just for me, how I feed the pig for 26 years. In that period: 21 Hurricanes 11 Major Ice Storms 29 States altogether and never missed a day of work until that day that the ” Bullett Hit Bone ” Now here we are. As Bob Seager sang, Turn The Page.   #PeaceMarshall

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