A baby’s pain registers in the brain

EEG recordings can help indicate whether a newborn baby is in pain, a preliminary study suggests.

Source: A baby’s pain registers in the brain {link}

This is a fascinated article from Science News {www.sciencenews.org} about a study done by DEPARTMENT OF PAEDIATRICS, MEDICAL SERVICES DIVISION, UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD.



Amazing! This lady has skills and is styling and profiling like Rick Flair #PeaceMarshall

Milly Schmidt

It ignites terror in every blogger world-wide. That moment when you accidentally hit Publish instead of Save Draft or when you schedule an unedited blog post for the distant future, only to completely forget about it.

SPOILER ALERT for any of you living under a pebble who have yet to watch Game of Thrones season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.

So here are the nine stages…

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Sweta Ojha

Sweta Ojha is a young novelist who marks her debut with the mainstream fiction novel entitled ‘The Last Journal’

Source: Sweta Ojha

A Blog worth taking a look at and one that I follow.  #PeaceMarshall

Dealing with negativity in ourselves 

Negativity affects every single person throughout their life and its something we all have to go through in order to grow. We are at times our own worst enemy. We stop ourselves from putting ourselves out there and grabbing opportunities just because of our negative thinking and our self-doubt. It defeats us at times but…

Source: Dealing with negativity – BayArt

A peak inside my brain 

Need to know! FYI from Super Woman

the silent wave

I’ve been thinking a lot about thoughts.  And brain activity.  And butterflies, the kind that doesn’t come too close to your face and get all up in your personal space.

Yep, welcome to my brain.

Most peoples’ brains jog throughout the day, stopping to rest for a bit, and then they start jogging again.  Or maybe power walking.  Or maybe just walking.  It depends.

A news headline here, a sports game there, and probably a project at work over yonder.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

The world needs all kinds.

My brain, however, didn’t get that memo.  It runs a series of 100-meter dashes, laid end to end, all day, and probably all night.  In what is probably a strange example of black and white thinking, my brain is under the strange impression that if it’s not actively dashing, it’s sloughing off.

The 100-meter dashes themselves involve impossible topics with…

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