King Solomon, All Men Stink

I completely agree with @scatterwisdom and King Solomon (Book of Wisdom). I often rant about the “dumbing down” of the male gene pool. I draw a distinct difference male/man. I see males everywhere but very few men. The testosterone level of a 21-year-old male in 2008 was 66% lower than in 1945! However, men from my generation are responsible for the gender neutral society we live in today. We baby boomers (I was born 1957 the last year to qualify) dropped the ball! We forgot what being a man required. Females were raising our sons and defining manhood via the feminist nazi fringe. The age of the “Sensitive Male” was born. My generation, for the most part, used this new motto as a new way to get laid. Things are beginning to change, those of us who never surrendered want to reclaim and teach true manhood to all males. The Men’s Movement, Mentoring Rocks, and Good Men Project are off and running. King Solomon would be proud. Check out a Blog I endorse. #PeaceMarshall aka MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR Independently Owned & Operated Bloglovn@marshall326com and WP

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