Beyond Alt: Understanding the New Far Right

Coming to grips with the most potent political movement of our age.

Source: Beyond Alt: Understanding the New Far Right

The above article came from a notoriously liberal and failing NY publication. It is not the typical #Hate-Trump/Whites/conservatives op-ed I was expecting. It was in no way reflective of both sides of the same coin and liberals were given a pass. The focus was on the “New Far Right” and not all was negative. However, being the Ignorant white trash redneck that I am the left gets no pass from me! The riots, violence, stupidity and denying of free speech is coming from the “New Far Left” or the “Democrats for Hitler” party. I would strongly urge the “I want to have Barneys baby” and Obama’s minions to be very careful who they pick fights with. Hank jr. put it well ” A Country Boy Will Survive “



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