Asexuality is different, not weird ~ one Asperger’s / Autistic person’s perspective

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the silent wave

(Beginning note:  This post gets very personal, for obvious reasons.  I wrote this because I’m aware that gender identity, awareness of that identity, sexual orientation, and sexual/intimate activities can be challenging for people on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum because we differ from the vast majority of the population.  Intimate activities such as foreplay and intercourse can amplify those differences, due to the amount, type, and intensity of sensory stimulation, which might overwhelm our nervous systems.  Since I can only speak for myself, that’s what I’ll describe.  But I know that others will probably be able to identify.  I’m writing this because it’s traditionally a “taboo” subject (thanks to Puritan and similar influences), and so a lot of us out there may feel “weird”, alone, or somehow “wrong”, and have few avenues through which to talk about what we’re experiencing, and hopefully, this might help someone.) 🙂

I identify as a non-binary…

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