5 Easy Ways To Be More Attractive When “Just Be Yourself” Isn’t Working –

Because sometimes being yourself IS the problem.

Source: 5 Easy Ways To Be More Attractive When “Just Be Yourself” Isn’t Working –

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Marshall Thompson sent you a video: “WINNERS MINDSET – Best Motivational Videos Compilation 2017”

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WINNERS MINDSET – Best Motivational Videos Compilation 2017
by Be Inspired

I made this video because a lot of people make excuses and they not pursue their dreams.
We can always find a reason not to pursue our dreams, not to take action, not to stick our neck out. Our reasons seem perfectly well reasonable. We can always justify why we can’t do something – especially to ourselves.
Living a life of excuses can have very serious and lasting consequences. Not only will excuses prevent you from reaching your full potential, but people around you will also hold you back from recognizing opportunities, talents and skills you might have, to help you overcome your problems.
If you don’t challenge yourself to reach new levels, you will never really know what you’re capable of. New opportunities lie hidden around every corner, however you will never find them if you riddle your mind with constantly fin…

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The Female Sociopath

Amy Dunne of “Gone Girl,” Lisbeth Salander of “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” Cersei Lannister of “Game of Thrones.” If there’s one thing these cold, calculating ladies can teach us, it’s that we’re captivated by the female sociopath.

Source: The Female Sociopath (link)


” Karma means action or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where the intent and actions of an individual (cause) influences the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deed contribute to good Karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad Karma and future suffering. “

Karma’s ancestry can be found in Hinduism and Buddhism. It is the principle of retaliatory justice. It only recently found a home in western urban vocabulary and is the word of choice for generation X.  A form of Karma is found in Judaism and Christianity as well. However, if you study both the old and new testaments one can see that Karma can be both bad and good. Today’s use of it only carries bad implications and the good has been “whited out”. I can not and will not speak for anyone but myself. Someone else’s belief system ( or lack of ) is none of my business. Life and let live is my policy. Stay on your side of the fence and I will stay on mine. I extend that curtsy to all people and expect the same in return. It is when it is not mutual that I have a problem. I am of the Christian faith as my father was. So, my take on Karma comes from that angle. It does not make me right and others wrong nor does it make me wrong. This is especially true as I am not trying to impose my belief on anyone.

If you are as open-minded as I hope I am then just taking this as food for thought. While reading about Karma, I had to practice what I preach and do an about-face and admit I was wrong. I seem to be doing that allot lately. As I approach 60 and since the birth of my grandchild I see now where I have spent my entire life wrong about wrong about 80% of the time. I am developing quite a taste for crow. I am more than sure that I have a steady diet of it in my future.

Regardless of how you think the universe was formed, one thing is constant for us all. That one thing is the Law or Principle of Reciprocity. Sir Issac Newton sums it up very well in his third law of motion (physics). ” For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. What goes up must come down. Everything under the stars must have an exact opposite. If it is good then there must be evil. Up then there is down. In then out. So on and so on. It is the only way we can define something. Nature set it up that way. Think about it, how could you call a thing good if there was nothing that was bad. Reciprocity is found not only in proven science but in Law and society. It is intended as a blueprint for how humans interact with one another. In my faith, King Solomon spells it out line for line in the book of Proverbs. Sad to say, I do not think this has ever been adhered to. Karma actually has a role here. In fact, the basic principle of Karma is the same as ” Divine Providence ” There was and still is crime and punishment but the two must be equal. You can not hang a person for stealing someone’s garden hose.

5 Karmaic Laws That Have the Potential to Change Your Life – Expanded Consciousness

Thank God For Your Enemies Prayer!


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God Is Awesome – BayArt

Our God is Awesome He is here to stay He will take our hand And guide us along the way Have no fear for God is with you Unless you reject him, he will not reject you We thank him for everything For he is giving He gave us Salvation, His Love, And a reason…

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Love is a splendid thing – BayArt

How easy it is to love. How hard it is to be loved… At the risk of repeating myself too many times, I have beautiful friends. I really do. Amazing, kind, intelligent, supportive, thoughtful, empathetic, giving, honest, creative, awesome people. I don’t have a huge circle of friends – nor do I want a huge circle of…

Source: Love is a splendid thing – BayArt     #PeaceMarshall

Beyond Alt: Understanding the New Far Right

Coming to grips with the most potent political movement of our age.

Source: Beyond Alt: Understanding the New Far Right

The above article came from a notoriously liberal and failing NY publication. It is not the typical #Hate-Trump/Whites/conservatives op-ed I was expecting. It was in no way reflective of both sides of the same coin and liberals were given a pass. The focus was on the “New Far Right” and not all was negative. However, being the Ignorant white trash redneck that I am the left gets no pass from me! The riots, violence, stupidity and denying of free speech is coming from the “New Far Left” or the “Democrats for Hitler” party. I would strongly urge the “I want to have Barneys baby” and Obama’s minions to be very careful who they pick fights with. Hank jr. put it well ” A Country Boy Will Survive “



Asexuality is different, not weird ~ one Asperger’s / Autistic person’s perspective

Super Woman (1 of 2) is the gift that just keeps giving. Proverb: ” When the student is ready a teacher will appear” Remember, Huckleberry has your back! #PeaceMarshall WebMD and Health Central have extensive data and resources on Autism/Aspergers

the silent wave

(Beginning note:  This post gets very personal, for obvious reasons.  I wrote this because I’m aware that gender identity, awareness of that identity, sexual orientation, and sexual/intimate activities can be challenging for people on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum because we differ from the vast majority of the population.  Intimate activities such as foreplay and intercourse can amplify those differences, due to the amount, type, and intensity of sensory stimulation, which might overwhelm our nervous systems.  Since I can only speak for myself, that’s what I’ll describe.  But I know that others will probably be able to identify.  I’m writing this because it’s traditionally a “taboo” subject (thanks to Puritan and similar influences), and so a lot of us out there may feel “weird”, alone, or somehow “wrong”, and have few avenues through which to talk about what we’re experiencing, and hopefully, this might help someone.) 🙂

I identify as a non-binary…

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Marshall Thompson sent you a video: “Why Is Love So Painful? Osho”

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Why Is Love So Painful? Osho
by Divine Eyes
Osho Audio-Why Is Love So Painful

Osho, the Pioneer of Meditation and Love in the modern world speaks about the Various Issues and Questions of Human life.

Latifa, love is painful because it creates the way for bliss. Love is painful because it transforms; love is mutation. Each transformation is going to be painful because the old has to be left for the …

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Marshall Thompson sent you a video: “How Falling in Love Affects Your Body and Brain”

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#Video #Relationships
How Falling in Love Affects Your Body and Brain
by WebMD
Sparks, butterflies, fireworks — they’re all a part of falling in love. But did you know “chemistry” also causes changes in your body?

Subscribe to WebMD here: …

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