Obama’s Legacy is……………?

I know better than to get into politics. My haters come out of the wood work. They are a nasty bunch. Their views are none of my business. However, the truth is the truth and facts are facts and neither require someone to believe them. The cold hard bottom line is that Pres. Donald Trump is Obama’s Legacy. He created an exact opposite of himself. Dr. Frankenstein had his monster and Obama now has his. Neither men could control what they gave life to. Ms. Clinton was the sacrifice given to be slaughtered. The people Obama ignored feasted on her.

th3platforms post 1-30-2017

Our country owes Obama, Hillary and Bernnie a great deal of gradatude dispite the Russiana, Isis, Irana and Notrth Korean cans they joyfully keep kicking down the road as they told us not to pay any attention to the men behind the curtain we did, after all deserve just punishment for the sins of our forefathers. We now are faceing head on what we as a people collectively say can advance no further. Hillary and Bernnie both leading revolutions that believed love and compassion would stop a round from an AK47 and all humans were kings and a chicken in every pot. Hillary ran as a man and Bernnie as a women. We have been given the chance to regain our swagger and claim a part of the greatest generation. Thomas Jefforson said that the tree of liberaty must be nurtured by the blood of patrions from time to time. Ben Franklin said that a people who freely give up some of their liberty of a little saftey deserve neither. The Rev Dr. Martain Luther King said any man that lives his life never and never finds a cause worth dieing for was never worth livng. #PeaceMarshall

Th3 Platform

It is no secret that I despise the current administration. As a conservative, the Left is the antithesis of everything I stand for. I think it is important to take a look back at who President Obama really is and what his presidency has done TO America, not FOR America. With that in mind, I really want to thank the American people for preventing Hillary Clinton from perpetuating America’s decline. She is far worse of a human being than Obama ever dreamed of, but even still, this man is an awful politician.

First, we need to take a look at Obama’s background. It has been very difficult for me to get a read on who he is as a person, what his intentions are, and his ideological basis. If you just look at the man alone, you do not know what to believe: as with most politicians. That is why…

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    In reflection, I am now convinced that Obama’s Legacy as Historians will view it will be that his administration was a catalyst that brought about the deletion of Democratic & Republican National Political Organizations. Both have become Obsolete and a new Populist Movement replaced them.The USA returned to its original Blue Print as a Republic that practices a Democratic form of Government placing limited powers on Federal Government preserving State Sovereignty and avoiding foreign entanglements.
    Our country has experienced something similar in its history!


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