Benefits of listening to classical music for Asperger’s / autistic people [Mental Health Monday]

@thesilentwave knocked another ball out of the park. I have read studies on music and a child in the womb as well as house plants. There are pieces of evidence that point at certain types of sounds haveing an effect on a human even in the womb with a greater reaction in children and begins to lessen with age. However, those effects are not always beneficial and images are seen by a child as sound. I posted on how the brain sees sarcasm the same way it hears it. Body language symbols emoji etc. This is one of the reasons domestic abuse is so harming fuel to children! #PeaceMarshall

the silent wave

I stumbled upon a fascinating article about the health benefits of listening to classical music [1]. These benefits are mostly mental/psychological/emotional, although there are some physical/physiological health benefits, too.

I have a relatively strong-but-long-ago background in neurology, so naturally, I clamped onto this with interest.  I don’t, however, have a very strong interest in classical music, per se.  I do have a moderate interest, but I’m rather selective about whether or not I’m in the mood for it, and which pieces I listen to when I am.

The potential classical music benefits are for everyone, including those on and off the Asperger’s/autism spectrum.  However, given the unbalanced proportion of neurotypical people to Asperger’s/autistic people, these articles (unfortunately) don’t often consider how this information could be specifically applied to us.  Most conventionally-minded medical, psychological, and psychiatric providers don’t usually consider these kinds of potential “low-tech” interventions, either; their schooling focuses…

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2 thoughts on “Benefits of listening to classical music for Asperger’s / autistic people [Mental Health Monday]

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    I totally appreciate the reblog – thank you! ❤️❤️


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