Verbal Silence- It’s not always in the words we say!

simplistic insights do not know how close to home that hit!I have written about this subject and rail against how inhuman humans are becoming because we no longer physically interact as humans were designed to communicate. We are voices coming from a screen. Personally, I rely on body language almost 100% to interpret what the words a person is speakings true meaning is not the actual definitions.When in business body language was crucial when I was interviewing someone or investigating an accident or another type of incident.Every movement a person makes will tell me a host of things, breaking eye contact looking up down sideways shuffling feet yawning changing the subject. I could go on for hours with a list.The single most effective tactic there every has been to get the information you seek is called “The Pregnant Pause” better that waterboarding. Contact me or research for yourself to learn what that phrase means. #PeaceMarshall



Her eyes had a distant glow of hope with a twist of excitement whispering to my soul “Trust me I am more than just a pretty face”. She was wearing a luscious red dress that seemed as though it was tailored to suit her well-proportioned physic, outlining all her curves and well defined body structure.

Her long dark hair had a slight curl that reminded me of the oceans of a hidden paradise yet to be discover. My heart started to ticker and a sense of butterfly’s started surfacing, I could feel the warm sensation of life starting to rise until my cheeks became bright pink. Startled for words I managed to release a slight “hi” whist my mind was in overdrive trying to untangle a range of words weaved between hello and Ahhh, I was speechless.

She leaned over my right shoulder dangling her fingertips on the lower side…

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3 thoughts on “Verbal Silence- It’s not always in the words we say!

      1. Phew… as well as a bipolar II can every be – she says with an air of resignation….


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