The Recovery Revolution ft. The Since Right Now Pod

Progressive Recovery Culture™ / Shunning stereotypes and shattering stigma of being in #recovery from alcohol and other drugs. / #KeepRecoveryCreative™

Source: The Recovery Revolution ft. The Since Right Now Pod

I posted about the Progressive Recovery Culture earlier this week and said that I would withhold my opinion until further investigation. Assumptions are contempt without prior investigation, sound familiar? I have done my due diligence and can state the following as fact and you can say I told you.

  1. I fully believe that there are more ways than one to recover from addiction and to maintain sobriety. However, all effective methods have a common thread, a complete psychic change occurs. That ability is not in a human toolbox. It can not come from within, nor can another human place into you. I must come from the entity that designed the blueprint used to construct a human. That entity must make corrections to the original blueprint thus allowing a human to have a complete reversal of thinking. This can happen suddenly or over time, i.e Burning Bush vs Educational. Once this change occurs it must be given continuous maintenance. There are many non-conventional methods that can lend a helping hand. Mind body & spirit are the holly trinity of recovery!
  2. #KeepRecoveryCreative sounds like a good thing to do and it actually is. Not when Progressive Recovery Culture uses it as a marketing strategy to sell something rather than promote it. Recovery is non-profit except for the professionals employed to help. If you follow this Pipper have your Visa or Master Card ready know the 3 digit code located on the back and do not forget to contact them to unsubscribe because this plan automatically renews and upgrades to the “Gold or Premium” subscription. My conclusion: Bull Shit is still Bull Shit and a Con is still a Con no matter what you call it or how you dress it they both stink! I have three words for people who purposely and knowingly see someone’s misery destroyed life and utterly hopeless as a way to make a lot of money with no intention of helping that poor soul only fleas him:  K I S S  M Y  A S S !!!!    #PeaceMarshall
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