The psychology of a workplace bully

The best way to deal with bullies at work is to group together with your co-workers and expose their behavior, so they lose the power to terrorize. A bullies behavior can be tied to many factors, substance abuse is often overlooked. Bullies are not born, they are made barring mental illness. One element is common in all cases, they continue their terroristic way because they get away with it time and time again. We have become in many ways a society of spectators and dare I say, cowards. We would rather live on our knees for a little security and safety. We witness the weak and helpless being damaged for life and turn away. I paraphrase ” all that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing,” Shakespeare said that a coward dies a thousand times before his death the valiant taste death but once. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King said that if a man lives his entire life and never finds something worth dying for he is not fit to live. There is embedded in any man of character who is the offspring of Americas Greatest Generation an ingrained despite for oppression in all its forms. A moral obligation and historical covenant to say ” advance no further ” I will fight with no chance of victory just to die on my feet rather than bend my knee. Political correctness and the age of the “sensitive” male have given birth to bullies who are not human and are actually pawns of the powerful and rewarded by government. Stand up and man up. Band together if need be. Bullies talk like a bad ass but seldom are when the time comes to be a bad ass. If you hear about it say something. If you see it do something.                                                           #PeaceMarshall

Source: The psychology of a workplace bully

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