Prophetic Poem

A Prophetic Poem from Apostle Gabriel Cross @Pure Glory. This should be copied and taped to the mirror in your bath room so you see it at the same time you see your reflection. While you will be reading the poem you will be looking at yourself at the same time. I just did that before I wrote this. I have been telling some of my followers something like that from day one, many have come to believe the lies told about them and the lies they tell themselves. Apostle Cross just delivered my closing argument. I was left speechless when I read the Poem. If you can, listen to Apostle Cross’s single ” He’ Awesome ” @ Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Peace, Marshall

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Locked up, but thank God I wasn’t locked out
Living like a prisoner, cause I Believed the lie that I couldn’t be free
Shackles on me
Chains on me
All because of my negative unbelief…Selah

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