Medical Cannabis & Autism – You Asked My Opinion (The Blog I’ve Been Avoiding)

I just read last week in WebMD, a site I encourage people to follow ( I also am a contributing author ), about this subject. There has been an on going clinical trial sponsored by the National Institute of Health that has been gathering data on “Off Label ” treatments for Mental Health. It was focused on veterans and PTSD. The clinical trial has been reveling things that were unexpected and need to be looked in to further in a trial of it’s on. There are some possible ” Silver Bullets ” in the list. What my friend @Anonymously Autistic wrote about is one of them. I have never used the plant myself only because it was not the drug of choice in my “partners in crime” in the decade I grew up in. We preferred to murder our brain cells with alcohol. Which, latter in life bite many of us in the ass. William Hurst, the first media magnet and father of “Yellow Journalism” and Patty’s GGF, is the one responsible for “refer madness” label that smoking weed and those who did was tagged with. Mr. Hurst was reporting from the field when Teddy and his Rough Riders went up that hill. There were some men in that in that group that were linked to or latter became the movers and shakers of out country. It was the news coverage of that event in Cuba when Mr. Hurst made a statement that started a revolution of it’s own and gave birth to what we call today Fake News. While sitting under a canopy with fine cigars, wine and his traveling female advisors (pause) far away from the fight typing his press release he was talking out what he was tying like an actor practicing his script that another reporter walking by and over heard him and asked how could he report on something like he was a witness to it but had not been and never talked to someone who had! Mr. Hurst replied and I paraphrase ” The reason I own a newspaper company is to make money and you do that by selling newspapers. I do not report the news, I create the news. I tell the people what they want I want them to believe” Lies, sex, tragic events, scandal and things people in the “spot light ” say sell. The more outlandish the more it sells .Hitler learned that lesson well. The point is this, his media foot print grew until his was the only one. He needed trees to have paper and a lot of it. He could not let something threaten his supply. Other people needed paper as well. So, he bought up the major amount of the timber rights in our country. There is something else that can be used to make paper and many other things as well. Far more than timber and at a fraction of the price (pause wait for it wait, wait, wait , Bam) HEMP !! Can you smell what I’m cooking ? I will give you a hint, growing hemp was legal then. Thomas Jefferson urged people to grow hemp to aid in the growth of our country. Our Navy need sails for their ships and so forth. Mr. Hurst had to take hemp down. It was going to take something bat shit crazy to get the job done. Did any of you just have a WTF or OMG moment. My position is this, I have wished 10,000xs that I would have smoked weed instead of drank alcohol. If it helps people who are suffering all the research needed is simply them saying it does. If riding a elephant thru the middle of town, butt naked, a one eyed monkey on your arm and shooting smoke ring out of your ass helps relief some of the horrible suffering some people have had all their life, Hell, I will ride with them. Peace, Marshall

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4 thoughts on “Medical Cannabis & Autism – You Asked My Opinion (The Blog I’ve Been Avoiding)

  1. Well, there ya go. No wonder I’m nuts. I’ve never smoked pot and I never had a drink of alcohol until I was 55. I think I’ve had maybe 6 or 7 glasses of alcohol in my entire life. I don’t see the appeal….from alcohol….or pot. I actually hate the smell of both of them.
    Does this mean I am no longer your Huckleberry?

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    1. I do not either. You will be my Huckleberry as long as you want to be. Did you know why pot became illegal ? My head is full of useless bull shit that nobody cares about. Oh well !


      1. I don’t know why pot became illegal. Maybe because they didn’t want a bunch of pot-heads walking around? LOLOL

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        1. That means you did not read the post. I went into detail about how. I guess I am the only one who actually reads the posts from the people I follow. It is the same way on FB.


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