Fat shaming linked to greater health risks

336d419578901057efe2903830630830_clientimage_505x284_xlarge_original_12Body shaming is a pervasive form of prejudice, found in cyber bullying, critiques of celebrities’ appearances, at work and school, and in public places for everyday Americans. People who are battling obesity face being stereotyped as lazy, incompetent, unattractive, lacking willpower, and to blame for their excess weight. The pain of these messages may take a toll on health and increase risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, according to a new study.

Source: Fat shaming linked to greater health risks { LINK }

Peace,  Marshall

3 thoughts on “Fat shaming linked to greater health risks

  1. I know this goes on. In a way, I am body shamed because I am so thin. I have never heard anybody make a remark about somebodys’ weight if they were large. Maybe I tune them out or something. But you can bet your sweet bippy that if I ever did hear something, I would light into them like a banshee from hell!

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    1. I can believe that, if you get some time give me a shout. Peace, Marshall


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