They’re using the management at the YMCA on Huntington Ave. to antagonize me. I have reason to believe that in addition to this YMCA-sponsored terrorism, artificial storms are being used to a…

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At long last, I have found someone as twisted and demented as I am. I can now put my empty bucket list to better use. I must confess however, I have never trusted the YMCA sense the Village People. On two separate occasions, I was attacked by “DEATH RAYS” from Mars while at the YMCA in Little Rock, Ar. Bill Clinton was the Gov. and I was the only white man in N. Little Rock who voted while still being alive and was not on good side because of a nasty rumor about me, his girlfriend, a midget named Bridget and inflated ticket prices to watch (he felt he should have gotten Bridget’s share), there in I feel he may have been behind the plot to have me appear to have spontaneously combusted. Terrorism is everywhere.  Be safe my friends. Peace, Marshall

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