Is there anything worth dying for? I mean dying when you do not have to. Taking death for somebody else. Doing battle with no chance of winning. Even dying for someone who despises you. Taking on a cause with the absolute certainty that It will cost your life. Given time to consider the outcome, who could pay such a price? Would you? I have pondered that question many times. It was not until the birth of my only child could I answer that with absolute certainty. Yes, I would. For the life of my only child, there would not be a second of hesitation. There are others things worth dying for, but I would not. I look back at history and find many who have laid down their lives. But very few who did so with free will and foreknowledge. Especially when they had a choice. The man Christ Jesus did. Steven, the first martyred apostle did. Help me out here Apostle Gab. Paul had to be woken before he was killled. He once said that he had to restrain his spirit from returning to God until his work was done. I have come to believe that God would have not been able to watch his son die and would have stepped in at the last moment to stop it. I believe Jesus asked him not to. The same with his second return. Jesus heard the prayers of his people and asked God to give them more time. I know for certain of two mortal men that went to their death knowing their fate in advance and could have prevented it. They chose to stay the course and finish the race. Abraham Lincoln saw his dead body lying in state in visions several times. MLK foretold his dead in a speech when he said “…I may not get there with you”. I was there when he was murdered. I was a child and could see the flames as Memphis burned and the Army walked the Miss. River Bridge. Let me quote Dr. King ” I submit to you that if a man has not discovered something he will die for, he isn’t fit to live!”    Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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