Why Gen X Is So Pissed at Millennials

One of the unexpected outcomes of a recent article I wrote about ageism in the workplace was an outpouring of stories from older workers…

Source: Why Gen X Is So Pissed at Millennials {LINK}

I am a Babby Boomer, the result of the Korean War. I was born in the last year to qualify as one. My son is a Gen X born in the first year to qualify. I have a rather large following of haters because of some of the things I post and comments I have made on others. They are what I call my “Basket of #AssClowns”. 90% of them are Millennials. There is no such thing as we will just have to agree to disagree and leave it at that. Nope! Not good to show an Old School disrespect. That is, like a character in “On a Hot Tin Roof” said, when I hear a click in my head. That is me switching for Pilot to Auto-Pilot.

Peace,  Marshall

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