Candy Waters Autism Art Scam?

15027781_1125225597569398_3838553098116830036_nI think it is great that art is being used as an outlet for this child. What I find confusing is the independent sale of this artwork and heavy marketing online by her parents. If you research Cand…

Source: Candy Waters Autism Art Scam? { LINK }

This is a very interesting article on a controversial subject, which can be applied in other areas concerning parenting besides Autistic children.  Author Candy Waters has provided us with much food for thought!

Peace,   Marshall


3 thoughts on “Candy Waters Autism Art Scam?

  1. LOL. Just another good reason to NOT be on social media. What a mess!

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  2. Thanks for the re-blog!

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  3. “Author Candy Waters”? You have got to be kidding. Definition of an author: 1.a writer of a book, article, or report: So how can Candy Waters who is so severely Autistic that she can’t talk, walk, read or write and needs very substantial support, be the author of a book or anything else for that matter. All you have to do is go to “Candy Waters Autism Artist” on facebook and watch the videos and you will also quickly realize that Candy did no do the designs that the parents sell in her name as well. We care about Candy Waters and how the parents is making things worse for her. It’s sickening the way this child is being exploited.


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