Heatless Curls, overnight, quick, and simple!

I found a new blog that I am now following, O SO VOGUE. I am racking up on resources to add to my tool box that I call ” I DON’T HAVE A CLUE ” By the time my #grandbabbygirl grows up to the age when she is talking about girl stuff Poppi can join in on the conversation. Now that will be about the most cool thing I can think off. Plus, it takes my mind off the thought of how I am going to look wearing a little princes crown with my finger nails painted and drinking unicorn milk. What scares me the most is that might be a good look for me. HA !! Peace, Marshall

O so Vogue

I know everyone hates getting up extra early to curl or straighten their hair, but unfortunately that’s how we make our hair look so good! But not only does the curling make us get less sleep, but it also ruins our hair! Which is why heatless curls are lifesavers! Here is quick and easy way to get curls overnight without using any heat at all!

heatless curlsSupplies:
-hair elastics

The Steps
1. Brush out your DAMP hair ( this is great for after a shower).
2. Once you’ve fully de-knotted your hair, separate about a one inch section of hair.
3. Fold the piece about 1/3 of the length of it ( refer to pictures above).
4. Fold that over again, now your strand is 2/3s up your head.
5. Now tie it with any elastic of your choice.
6. Repeat all steps until all  your hair is tied in…

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