Winter Beauty Tips & Trends to Try Now

Our experts offer tips to combat dry skin, red noses, hat hair and more cold weather beauty problems. Plus — see their favorite makeup trends for the season!

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I have a grand daughter who turned 1 last wk. She is the first born of my son. She is the first girl baby born in my family. I do not have a clue about girl stuff. I am going to learn as much as I can. I am trying to connect with my softer, gentler feminine self. I have already lined up some experts that have blogs I follow. I got southern charm and tradition covered. Louisiana culture and passion covered. Etiquette at make believe tea parties. I am sure that I will have several layers of finger nail polish to remove. I have those covered, so long as lipstick does not enter the equation. I am the best cook north of Louisiana, so that is in the bag. I am open for suggestions and volunteers.  Peace,  Marshall

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  1. Hair! You gotta know how to do the hair. At his young age lots of little pink clips and alice bands. As she gets older she’ll want a curling iron and a hair straightner. But not so sure if those will still exist in 12 years time. Oh, does grandpa know how to pluck eyebrows? They say a well-shaped eyebrow give a natural face lip (according to Oprah) But there’s still plenty of time to learn that technique. In the meantime….. practice on your son (heheee)

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