What Happens During a Near-Death Experience (NDE)?

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I have a very personal perspective on this subject. I am not pushing  my faith on anyone nor do I require or even expect anyone to believe me. On  8/21/2001 @ 1:15 pm, Hwy 90, Raceland, La., 20 miles south of New Orleans, mile marker 101, the same thing happened to me ! I was walking on the shoulder of the road headed to where I had a crew working in the Utility co. right of way, just as I took one step from the shoulder to the grass (one foot on/one foot off) I heard the sound that a cars tires make when they run over rumble strips in pavement. It is a distinct sound. Anyone who has ever driven a vehicle has heard it. At the exact second I heard that sound I was upside down in the air flipping end over end and landing face first with my legs pointed to the sky, sort of like I was diving into a pool from a high spot.

I had been hit by a 2001 Chevy Impala 4 door being driven by a impaired driver. Point of impact to where I landed was 89′. The driver fled the scene. To speed things along, I bleed out. I had to be revived 3 x’s. I was fully conscious and could hear and see everything. I also was 100% aware that I was dying, which I did. I saw no light, was in no tunnel, never hovered above my body nor any of the things we so often hear happen.  I prayed for my son and asked God to forgive those who have never forgiven me. I actually apologized to God and told him not to feel bad about what he was going to do to me, I deserved it and if I could erase the past I would. For the next 10 or 15 min I was totally at peace waiting for the end. I never replayed the events of my life, felt pain or fear and no longer had so much as a single thought in my head. Total euphoria that I can not describe. It was a feeling that has no description and never was meant to have one.

Well, I am here with you today. I will write another post about what brought me back and my total anger at God for letting me live. The story gets very dramatic from this point til now. Dying is very easy. Living is a bitch.

Peace,  Marshall


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  1. That’s hectic Marshall. I’m glad you didn’t die! I look forward to hearing the rest of your jouney

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