How Drugs and Alcohol Can Hijack Your Brain – Neuroscience News

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Findings could help explain why some addicts unintentionally relapse, researchers say.

Source: How Drugs and Alcohol Can Hijack Your Brain – Neuroscience News

New research into addiction may provide an answer that has been mystifying and plaguing people in recovery as well as the entire recovery support community for decades. Even before the AMA and the WHO classified alcoholism as a disease and addiction in general as a disorder the reason people relapse, even after long periods of being sober, could only be speculative. The finding of a disease came as a great relief to those suffering with addiction. The stigma of ” No Morality or No Will-Power ” was removed. It took many years for that to sink in. Some people today will not accept what science has proven. The issue of relapse has had no such explanation. If you ask someone why they relapsed, chances are they do…

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