Sophistry – definition of sophistry 


Source: Sophistry – definition of sophistry by The Free Dictionary

It is where the word “Sophistication ” is derived from. We all think that to be sophisticated, one is cultured and refined. NOT, the root word Sophistry is defined by Mr. Webster as to make a statement that appears on it’s face to be plausible, reasonable or believable, but lacks any substance (the essential part of substance is evidence). Want-a-be intellectuals and haters hide behind the mask of being ” Sophisticated ”

Many of the stigmas and negative stereotypes people are labeled with are placed on them by the sophisticated. If they can not understand something or know it’s true definition and do not even try to educate themselves so they will understand, they will re-name and re-define it to something they can understand based on their level of moral decay.

Being a want-a-be and a hater are just two of the hallmarks of ” You Can’t Cure Stupid ”   Peace,  Marshall

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  1. Yep. Can’t cure stupid and one of the reasons is because they don’t know they’re stupid! LOL

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    1. Huck, you may be 100% correct, but I wonder sometimes. I think stupid is taking the easy way out . Some folk made being stupid a profession.


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    SOPHISTICATED: In the South where I was “Born By The Grace Of God” it means that somebody is a special kind of stupid. We use the term “Bless Their Heart” #PeaceMarshall


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