Decorating the Southern Home…

I am reposting this for the fans of Miss Camellia who do not have a blog of their own, but read her posts on my blog’s Pinterest board. They are going to love this one ! Plus, I get to save the pic’s and stop getting pestered . Those girls would worry the horns off of a goat. Southern charm, grace and etiquette is not being pasted on and I fear will soon be found only in historical records many of which my not be recorded by the true daughter’s of the South. Miss Camellia is the only living record I know of. But, that could be because I murdered a great number of brain cells back in the day ! For the uninformed, that was my injecting humor into a platter of wisdom, as per Mr. Samuel Clemens. Peace, Marshall

Camellia's Cottage

imageNo matter what the budget is, Southerners love to decorate their homes at Christmas! A beautiful Christmas tree, a wreath on the door, family heirlooms or sentimental ornaments gathered throughout the years and fresh poinsettias are particularly well suited to the Southern home. The very best holiday decorating includes the home’s year round décor worked in with special holiday touches. Pine is a particularly Southern fragrance, they grow prolifically in the South, and we all love to gather pinecones, I personally love Loblolly Pinecones perfectly formed or Longleaf pinecones huge and beautiful, gathering pinecones to pile in a basket feels just right at Christmas.

The beautiful photographs represent two homes where budget is not a consideration, however we all love to be inspired by Southern beauty wherever we find it.

I hope it puts you in the I’ll be Home for Christmas Mood– if only in your dreams. I am so proud to tell you that my…

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6 thoughts on “Decorating the Southern Home…

  1. Why thank you Marshall!

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    1. You are very welcome. The Pinterest thing was not my idea. All those 26+ young ladies all are on that site and have boards about almost the same thing. Knowing that my mind is bad, a certain young woman set things up where my blog has a board and they all follow it and get notice when I post to it. Brilliant !!


      1. Wonderful report, thank you !


  2. Us Southern ladies sure do know how to decorate! Every year, it not only looked like Santa had thrown up in my house, his reindeer and elves had too. I loved decorating. I had to start on November 1st in order to get it all done.
    I haven’t decorated in four years and sometimes I miss it but I’m getting used to it. 🙂

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    1. If you loved doing it and miss it then do it. Let yourself have some enjoyment. You got some catching up to do.


      1. I’m really not interested in it at all anymore. I put a positive spin on it…if I don’t haul all that stuff out…I don’t have to pack it back up after Christmas is over. 🙂


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