” You will never have greater or lesser dominion than that over your self…the height of a man’s success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment…and this law is the expression of eternal justice. He who can not establish dominion over himself will have no dominion over others “

                                                           – leonardo da Vinci

This post was going to be an open letter to all the Haters I seem to have cultivated over the last two months. I planted no seeds to grow haters, they sprang up on their own like weeds. I was prepared to launch a full head-on frontal assault, with no prisoners taken and not a single body left standing. Like the ancient Spartan’s, I was to return carrying my shield or being carried on it. That is a serenade I have courted trespassers on my domain with my entire life. However, last night I had what is known as a moment of clarity. A most rare event. The objective of any battle is to win, in my world there are no ties, time-outs, surrender or last-minute pardons. If I am in it, then I am in it to win it. I realized that I did not have a winning game plan. I was about to give them the exact thing they were after. That would have assured them a victory. To deny them what they sought, assured me of victory. I then unloaded and dismounted. I could give the names of the principle player and the lap-dogs that joined in to serve their master. The url to the post that started the entire thing. You could read for yourself the entire discord. I disagreed with the political point the post made. I am not a gambler, but I would bet the farm that if you read the post, you will have the same reaction as I had. Granted, none of you would have turned it into the blood sport that I did. This went on for a full week. I finally started to just ignore them. After about two weeks they tired of the game and stopped. Well, they came back. I ignored them again and as before they stopped. Like a fly, who does nothing but eat shit and bother people, they have returned. This time with enforcements and a new tactic added to the old one. They are e-mailing me directly and calling !  Keep in mind when I answer the phone they hang up. If I do not answer, that is when they leave their message. The e-mail address is from a public location and not their’s. All of this is being done anonymously. There are many reasons a person preferrs to remain anonymous. Some are very noble. In this case, it is the hallmark of a COWARD. I actually was shocked at just how many character traits I have. Here are a few: #ignorantredneck, #racistsonofabitch, #attemptingtohidemyhomosexual, #poorwhitetrailertrash, #whitesuperiority and the list goes on and on. The best one of them all, I found out that I reside In off all places in #thebasketofdeplorables. Guess what, all of you who follow my blog or like one of my posts are my neighbors we live in the same basket. How cool is that ! Let me move on. Wait, I forgot the good part. My bad, the male who wrote the post condeming the election and calling for a change in the way we vote and basicly would wipe his ass with the constitution, is not even an american. He is british and lives in london. Can it get any better ? I am done with the entire matter, have taken messures to prevent futher involvement and washing my hands. My last comment will be the images below.

The message I have for all of you, of which I count as friends is a simple one. No one owns you or holds the title to your life. You are the only person who gets to design your domion. The only way someone or thing can take possession of your domion is with your permission. Deny them access. If some theif has taken it, go get it back. If that can not be done, abandon it and start a new one. The lies told about you and to you, that you have come to believe are not real. You are not made in someone elses vision of you. Do not let that vision be the one you see in the mirror. It is not the one God made for you and it is not the one I see. The stigmas and stereotypes that you have been labeled with are just someones opinion. They can have their own opinion, but they can not have their own facts or re-write history. In the words of Stone Cold Steve Austin ” Now thats the bottom line, because I said so. I may negotiate for peace, but I will be damned If I will ever surrender for it !  What say you ?  Peace,  Marshall


7 thoughts on “” WORDS THAT I LIVE BY “

  1. Geeze Marshall. What did you do? LOL Your “haters” is one of the reasons that I NEVER discuss politics…..ever. People are strongly opinionated and some of them aren’t carrying a full load, if you know what I mean and I think you do…BUT everybody is entitled to their own opinions, their own beliefs and their own choices. In politics, it’s not a matter of “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine and then we’ll fight over the differences.”

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    1. You should read the exchange we had on that first day ! I did not post what I was going to, I restrained myself. I do not care what the subject is, I am not going to sit on my hands while someone distorts, fabricates, insults and out right lies about a subject that impacts me, people I care about and my country. I am not a spectator or sitting on the bench. I will not back up, be silent, back down or tolerate rude behavior in a man. Opinions are like ass holes everybody has one. But nobody gets to have his own version of the facts and historical record. Evil continues because good men do nothing. A spade is a spade and that is what I will call it, too it’s face ! I am up to my eye balls with just about the entire human race. I see a lot of humans, but very little humanity. I can not do a lot about that, but I can deal with when it is in my face. I admit that my response the first time was much more caustic than a gentleman should act. I am a gentleman, just not one with rude men. I switch to apex predator in 1.7 seconds. Once the insults started to include things I value, I went full tilt hood rat. I am a big boy, what someone thinks about me or labels me as means nothing. I have no need for anyone to like me. I don’t require permission for a damn thing. Just leave the innocent alone. I may not be able to persuade someone to see the light. But, I guarantee I can make them feel the heat. I would rather be burned at the stake than be a coward.


      1. I can only guess that the conversation had to do with politics. You do know how to block these people, don’t you? They can always emerge under another name but after a while of getting no response, they’ll probably tire and move onto somebody else. 🙂

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        1. Do not concern yourself with me, you have enough on your plate. I do not know how to react to a women, is she concerned, expressing her disappointment in me or am I getting put in the same box with the very people I so despise. That is my problem, not you. I wish more than anything that women knew we both have a common enemy, and it’s not me.


          1. I’m fairly intelligent so you don’t have to speak in parables. I don’t know what kind of woman you’re used to, but if I’m disappointed in you…you’ll damn sure know it.
            Whatever the tete a tete you had with that troll and/or trolls, must have have been a humdinger!


            1. I wrote a long reply, then I lost service so it went bye-bye. That might have been for the best. I keep forgetting more than you will see this. I have the url of the comments section of that post. You would see why it pushed a special set of buttons I have. Girlfriend, I got nasty x10 when he took it beyond just me and him. It is impossible to insult me, I either just consider the source the insult is coming from or their opinion has no value to me. Hell, the insult might even be true. Leave other people who are not or can not defend themselves. With stigmas and stereotypes that I know to be lies, ring the bell ref it’s time for round 2


  2. Reblogged this on MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR and commented:

    I spoke too soon when I posted this, all was quiet and the fighting had stopped. I declared the war over as I had no desire to win. I made a tactical error and let my swagger appear baseless which exposed me to attack. The war was not over, the battle was with a new group of “Damn Yankees” There goal is to silence you and me. No one is allowed to think or speak differently from them. They cloak themselves with political correctness and hid behind the constitution they seek to deny us. They have turned very ugly. They want the slaves back so they can put them to work not in the fields, but the voting booth. They use entitlements as a narcotic and once addicted the slave refuses to go into rehab so my new crop of haters stands up for them like the only moral compass pointing them home. These are the very same people who from the other side of their face say: A strong woman is a bitch, the mentally ill are all violent sociopaths, a woman must like abuse or she would leave, addition is a moral weakness or lack of willpower and on and on we go. They have reached a point where I say advance no further. If you talk like a badass you better be one. Just remember this, before you can become the man, you have to beat the man. I wear big boy pants but some people can’t leave them alone!


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