We all need something or someone to blame or depend on. Stop counting on these 4, ain’t happening . My mind takes me on a ride from time to time, but it never tells me where we are going. I find out when we get there !


Altruism ( True and Ethical )

There is no such thing as a Coincidence

Luck has nothing to do with anything. So, there must not be such a thing as Luck

There is not a person, place or thing that can Keep a Secrect

         I hate to be the one to break the news, The Tooth Fairy, Santa, The Easter Bunny and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, nope ain’t there. Science, Logic, Mathnematics and even the bible have provided us with proof that they are mytical. I will be posting latter some quotes on ” WORDS TO LIVE BY ” that will cover each one of the 4. To give you a little tease, even God can not keep a secret. His son said that all the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven will be revealed to us. Oh, while I thinking about it, Altruism was displayed only one time and by only one person-Jesus ! Look for my quotes post latter.  Peace,  Marshall


{ My New Motto and Mission !! }


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