You Have A Special Place In The Father’s Heart

This made me think about something my father told me when I was young just after he let me off the hook for doing something I should have got my butt blistered for. He took off his belt and bent me over his lap. I braced for what was coming and began to hear the sound of the belt pop, but I was not feeling anything ?? I was not the one get’n the spanking. Pop was striking himself. He said, Son I will not always be around to take you’re whippings for you. But I will as long as I can. He told me that a mother’s love is the same for all of her children. But, a father’s love for his son is so powerful that you will have to have one of you’re own to understand. He was right ! My son turns 35 12/8/2016. Happy Birthday son. Peace, Marshall

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

You are no longer blinded by the past, the approval or opinions of people. You can see who you are now in Christ, because of His approval, his thoughts, and his love for you. Be empowered to see your special place, in the Father’s heart, today

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3 thoughts on “You Have A Special Place In The Father’s Heart

  1. You had a wonderful daddy. My daddy wasn’t as mean to me as my mama was and he only used his belt on me twice….then he told me I had to leave. My poor daddy was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He had to decide that the good of the many outweighed the good of the one.
    My sons’ daddy? Well, let’s just say that one of the last things he said to me about our son was “he’s a worthless piece of shit.” He was a great man, no?

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    1. It is absolutely none of my business and tell me to f**k off If you want. From one human to another human that have fought the same demon”s, For you,the kids and you’re futures sake, get that man out of you’re head. He is living in there rent free. It will destroy you in the end. Give you’re self a chance to be happy even if it is a slim one. Peace, Marshall


      1. I understand what you’re saying. He is not in my head. My children are in my head. How he treated them is in my head. My beloved son is drinking himself to death. All he ever wanted was attention and affection from his daddy. I’m the one who has been watching him do this to himself for 33 years….watching him grieve….so yes, he’s in my head. I’m the one they would come to when “somebody” sent them a nasty text or said something hateful to them.
        Just because he’s out of my life doesn’t mean the trail of destruction he left has been forgotten.
        I’m fine…until one of my youngest sends me a copy of the nasty things he has said to them. They’re my children. When they bleed…so do I.


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