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The digital age has brought many benefits and advancements in most of the areas that effect our lives. However, I believe that it has done catastrophic damage in the area that is the most important one, not just in our lives, but to society and humanity. People have stopped interacting in the way we were designed to do so, face to face and eye to eye. When humans talk to each other in that manner, body language is a link to what is being said means. It reveals if you’re lying, being honest, mad, happy, sad, serious (to what degree), need a reply, just need to listen, seeking approval, and I could go on and on. Here is just one example that I used in business, but applies any-where. I would observe a number body language clues. Such as, is the other party maintain eye contact with me, does he keep looking up or does he look down (up or down has it’s own meaning and shares one), is he shuffling his feet, frequently yawn or clear his throat,struggle with certain words and the list goes on. Each one is communicating something. Take for example, a normal human with out some type personality disorder, can not lie to you and maintain eye contact. My favorite technique when attempting to get the bottom of something and do not feel I am getting the whole story is called ” The Pregnant Pause ” After the other party tells his version, you inter-lock you’re fingers, lean forward, nod you’re head several times, raise you’re eyebrow and not say a single word while maintaining eye contact. Then, you just wait. It will not take long before the other person becomes so uncomfortable with the silence that he will start to ramble on about everything under the sun. He is searching for what he thinks you want to hear and eventually settles on the truth.  Works better than water boarding. The point I am trying to get to is the importance of human flesh interaction. We have Facebook and other social media to do the work for us. We can hide there or be someone we are not. It is amazing how brave a coward becomes behind a key board. We even have sex online. Nobody writes a letter anymore or goes see someone, just send a txt. We are becoming the machine that machines are made to replace. The link to the book above is a very good read on this. Think about this, you may be able to cuddle up with you’re smart phone. But, it will never cuddle with you. Peace,  Marshall

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