OverActive Defense Mechanism.

This Author is one that I just started following. He writes in a style that is very mentally stimulating. I have PTSD which alters the chemicals produced by the brain and the way they are processed. That has a cumulative effect and over time my brain goes into a type of hypnotic sleep. There are things that trigger this to happen. One example is watching TV. Or, to put it another way. Doing any thing for a prolonged time that does not require me to think. I can prevent that from happening or recover when it does by doing some activity that stimulates my brain. Reading thing’s in style of this author is one of those activities. It will serve to re-boot my brain back to it’s default settings.

A Study Beyond The Manifest.

“For indeed they would’ve believed in the Existence of a Supreme Deity; if they had witnessed the war between broken angels and vicious devils within me.”


As I begin with the articulative aspect of my hypothesis, the initial point of contemplation has managed to branch itself out to a certain number of variations that could prove to be needful as clarifications in to a further study of some rather complex functions embodied inside, perhaps the most sophisticatedly elegant creation in being; the human brain.

Take note, you will witness clever statements and facts whilst perusing this article. It’s quite alright if you are unable to catch up to speed and find yourself in a state of awe and bafflement somewhere along the way. It does not mean that I am smarter than you, it merely makes me different..in a smarter way.

Common functions of a basic defense mechanism

It is imperative to bear…

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