The Time Has Come

This is a very well written post by Th3Platform of which I follow and feature on my blogs Facebook page as one of my favorite authors. I highly recommend everyone giving this site a look. If you are open minded and not chained to establishment clap-trap and , when presented with ” FACTS ” not emotion are mature enough to at least pause and ponder what the author has to say. I do not know the writer, have and probably never will meet. I do not even know if he is a he. However, we share a great many things in common. I very much enjoy a spited debate based on facts. I will not cast pearls before swine if someone has a greater need to be right than I do to prove them wrong. I lived thru a similar time in our history. I am 59 and was in my last year at LSU. The Carter Admin was in power and the country was in shambles. We had no swagger as a country and our president told us and the world that we owed the world an apology. He wore Mr. Rodgers sweaters and talked to us around a fireplace like he was reading fairy tales to children. We were being punished for the sins of our fathers. I wondered what sins my people had done to bring about God’s judgement on me ? Perhaps Mr. Carter had been talking with Job’s friends when they mocked him saying what manner of sin did you do to deserve this. My grandfather was a share cropper. His father was an bonded servant. I lost 2 uncles in WWI and 1 In WWII. My father was one of the “FROZEN CHOSEN’ in Korea. I was the first one ever to finish high school and latter get my BA, which I paid for. It was no longer enough that all children be given the same start in life to run their own course. To gain redemption, we would have to let others start the race first and then we could start after there was no way to catch up. If the others who started first could not finish the race we were to carry them an assure their victory. Slowly a movement began. A vain of people just like myself who were never polled, were first time voters and went unnoticed. We were the sons and daughters of the farmers, millworkers ,war vets and off spring of the greatest generation, many off which where still around. We were mocked as the silent majority. I have very much that same feeling now. I remember like yesterday when Ronald Reagan debated Carter. At that point, Reagan was trailing badly. Carter proposed the debates and Reagan advisers were against it. All but one, James Baker. The same man who went to Nixon and told him that for the good of the nation he should resign. The rest is history. Reagan actually won in the last week of the campaign when he went on TV unscripted and simply had what my father used to call a ” COME TO JESUS ” conversation with the American people. Do you remember these famous quotes ? ” Mr. Carter, you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts” I pray Trump finds the vain Reagan tapped in to. With God’s help, maybe we can once again be the shinning city on the hill.

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