I am from the south. I was born in NW Tennessee about 120 miles east of Memphis and 120 miles west of Nashville. I was born in the upstairs office of the only MD in the town of where we lived, aprox 2000 souls. My mother came home the same day she gave birth to me and my crib was the same bed I was conceived in. I drank Pet milk from a can and smashed peas. Other than a couple years in Arkansas, I was raised in Louisiana. From the age of 7 until the age of 54 I was in Louisiana. I am 59 now and back in Tennessee close to my one and only child and my first grand baby (9mos). My son was born in North East Louisiana about 2 blocks over from the Duck Dynasty guys. I graduated at the University of Louisiana (Monroe) in 1980 and worked in North Louisiana until 2000 when I was promoted and transferred to S.E. Louisiana below New Orleans. I traveled extensively out side the south with my job but have never lived above the Mason-Dixon Line

  • The south has 3 (three) regions with each region having sub-regions. First, there is the upper south with N. Carolina as an example. Second, there is the middle south with Tennessee as an example. Last, there is the deep south with Louisiana as an example. The deep south is where I consider home. The gulf states of S.W. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and the Western panhandle of Florida. Kentucky is not a southern state and Florida is not even a part of the USA. The people in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama south of a line from Birmingham, Jackson and Alexandria believe that they are the “real south” and consider anyone living above them to be Yankees. Now please do not take me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being a Yankee. Well, there is one thing on second thought. A Yankee is more than welcome to come south spend their money here, pick up a little culture and have fun. A ” DAMNED YANKEE” will not go home. Just a few words to live by were I come from:



Remember, in the south you are not a man until your father tells you that you are. You can never be called Mr. as long as your father is alive or you have his permission. If you want someone to love you with out conditions besides your momma, get a dog. If you want to be the man. You have to beat the man. Bless his heart translates to he is a special kind of stupid. More teaching on the way. until then, that sound you here is me leaving or I’m a gone pecan or out of here toot sweet (quick, fast and in a hurry)