Don’t believe ’em…

” Where I come form it’s cornbread and chicken … everything is finger lick’n ” Alan Jackson. I told my son once to try some fried gator. I said it tastes just like chicken ! He looked at me at the age of 5 with the wisdom of Solomon and said ” which is cheaper the gator or the chicken”. Not knowing I was being set up ( he was very good at that ), I answered the chicken. He then said I’ll have the chicken then if they taste the same. It was one of those southern “Bless his heart” moments. For the uninformed that translates to ” Dad you are a special kind of stupid “

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imageBesides our glowing skin, our charming accents, the unusual way we talk and the fact that most of the time we’re cuter; what people really like about Southern Women is our Food! I mean who doesn’t like:

  •  Fried chicken, real macaroni and cheese
  • Green beans, cornbread,
  • Blackberry cobbler, sweet potato casserole
  • and our Banana pudding?

So, every once in a while I feel I should warn folks about seriously misguided phrases, so you can avoid being trapped into eating something not at all like Real Southern food! For instance, if someone says-

  • ‘I found a new recipe for fruitcake and it doesn’t even taste like fruitcake!’ – Don’t believe ’em. We don’t say that for Fried Pies, Blackberry Cobbler, Banana Pudding or Mimi’s Pound Cake! And really why would you even want to make a fruitcake that doesn’t taste like fruitcake? Only a fruitcake, if you get my drift…fruit-cake

If someone wants you to try something called ‘Southern Style’ – well…

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  1. Marshall Sr., your son is a genius! Thanks for the re-blog! blessings to you!


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